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Type: Op ed

More than 50 publications match these criteria. The 50 most recent are shown below. To find older publications, please try a more specific search.

Op ed

Adam Rothman. "Abolition and Emancipation Were Not the Same Thing After the Civil War, Rose Herera Wanted More Than Freedom—She Wanted Justice." Zocalo Public Square 21 Jul. 2015: .

Brenda Shaffer. "The behind-the-scenes oil drama going on outside OPEC’s boardroom." Fox News 4 Jun. 2015: .

Brenda Shaffer. "Why OPEC is Dead." CNBC 4 Mar. 2015: .

M. Czinkota, C. Skuba. "It’s Double or Nothing for Trade." Korea Times 26 Jan. 2015: .

M. Czinkota, C. Cook. "Trust: A Tool to Defeat Corruption." Japan Today 6 Jan. 2015: .

Daniel Neep. "The Middle East, Hallucination, and the Cartographic Imagination." Discover Society 4 Jan. 2015: .

M. Czinkota. "U.S. Senate Report on Torture." Ovi Magazine 21 Dec. 2014: .

Noureddine Jebnoun. "Tunisia caught between fear and stability." Al Jazeera 19 Dec. 2014: .

Aaron R. Hanlon. "Major in John Oliver and Neil deGrasse Tyson (a defense of humanities)." 15 Nov. 2014: .

Aaron R. Hanlon. "Millennials aren’t Apathetic; Their Vote is Suppressed." 8 Nov. 2014: .

M. Czinkota, I. Ronkainen. "Innovation in Developing Economies." SriLankan Guardian; Daily News Egypt, Ovi Magazine 2014: .

Brenda Shaffer. "How Plunging Oil Scrambles Geopolitics." Wall Street Journal 30 Oct. 2014: .

Stephen M Fields, SJ. "To Be Effective, Liberal Arts Should ’Liberate’." The Hoya 17 Oct. 2014: .

Daniel Kaniewski. "Dysfunctional oversight undermines security." The Hill 1 Oct. 2014: .

Brenda Shaffer. "Russia’s Next Land Grab." New York Times 9 Sep. 2014: .

Robert J. Lieber. "Existential Roots of the Gaza War." National Interest 6 Sep. 2014: .

Sinan Ciddi. "The Erdogan Presidency and Turkey’s Political Future." Georgetown Journal of International Affairs 24 Aug. 2014: .

Aaron R. Hanlon. "This Has Always Been America." 16 Aug. 2014: .

Brenda Shaffer. "’Freezing’ Lawless Regions Invites Hot Conflict." Wall Street Journal 3 Aug. 2014: .

Kevin M Doak. "“Kyo no hito: hinomaru ya kimigayo no moto, kokumin wa ittai ni naru.” ." Sankei Shimbun 9 Jul. 2014: .

Patricia Vieira. "On Women and Children." Aljazeera 4 Jul. 2014: .

Mark P. Lagon. "“Modern Slavery Will Continue If Corporations Keep Passing the Buck” ." The Guardian 27 Jun. 2014: .

Kevin M Doak. "Nihon no kenzen na ’kokuminshugi’." Sankei Shimbun 19 Jun. 2014: .

Brenda Shaffer. "Stopping Russia from cornering Europe’s energy market." Washington Post 15 Jun. 2014: .

Peter Martin Jaworski. "Would it surprise you to learn that you’re the 1 per cent?." Huffington Post 12 May. 2014: .

Aaron R. Hanlon. "How Whites Should Talk About White Privilege." 7 May. 2014: .

Peter Martin Jaworski. "What if you could save 250 lives by feeling a little disgusted?." Huffington Post 5 May. 2014: .

Kevin M Doak. "Kokumin no Kenpo, Eiyakuban." Sankei Shimbun 4 May. 2014: .

Casey Rae. "The Blanket ’Problem’: Balancing the Needs of Songwriters with New Forms of Radio." Billboard 21 Apr. 2014: .

Kevin M Doak. "Kiku’s Prayer for Religious Freedom." Cornerstone 7 Apr. 2014: .

Denise Brennan. "Migrants at Risk: How U.S. Policies Facilitate Human Trafficking." Dissent Online 24 Mar. 2014: .

Mark M. Gray. "The Perils of Ranking Catholic Colleges." National Catholic Reporter 28 Feb. 2014: .

Kevin M Doak, Thomas Berger, Jeffrey Bader. "Yasukuni Sanpai, Bei no shikisha ga bunseki (American Experts Analyze the Yasukuni Visits)." Asahi Newspaper 27 Feb. 2014: .

Robert J. Lieber. "Politics Stops at the Water’s Edge. Not Recently." Washington Post 10 Feb. 2014: .

William F. McDonald. "The Reality of Human Trafficking." ABAJournal 2014: .

Adam Rothman. "The horrors ’12 Years a Slave’ couldn’t tell." Al Jazeera America 18 Jan. 2014: .

Denise Brennan. "Life Beyond Trafficking." Contexts, The American Sociological Association 13 Jan. 2014: .

Mark P. Lagon. "“Trapped on the High Seas” ." Washington Post 10 Jan. 2014: .

Jason Brennan. "What the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Says about Capitalism." Fortune 2014: .

Casey Rae. "Fiber and the Future of Music." The Hill 2014: .

Brennan, J.. "Let 16-Year-Olds Vote." CNN 2014: .

Kevin M Doak. "Chinreisha homon, heiwa nozomu ishi meihaku [PM Abe’s visit to Chinreisha makes clear his desire for peace]." Sankei Shimbun 28 Dec. 2013: .

Brenda Shaffer. "Iran: More than Persia." Reuters 16 Dec. 2013: .

Patricia Vieira. "Will the Hunger Games Spark a Revolution?." Aljazeera 12 Dec. 2013: .

Leo D. Lefebure. "The Man of the Year and the Joy of the Gospel: Thoughts on Evangelii Gaudium of Pope Francis." Blog of the Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions 2013: .

Brenda Shaffer. "U.S. Mideast policy: Keeping our friends closer." Reuters 4 Nov. 2013: .

Denise Brennan. "Securing Rights and Seeking Justice in the U.S. Deportation Regime ." Scholar and Feminist Online, Barnard Center for Research on Women 2013: .

Patricia Vieira and Michael Marder. "Quem tem o Direito de Falar em Nome do Futuro?." Público 27 Oct. 2013: .

Patricia Vieira and Michael Marder. "What do we Owe the Future?." New York Times 15 Oct. 2013: .

Oriana Skylar Mastro. "USAF Strategic Approach in the Asia-Pacific: Aspirations and Reality." Banyan Analytics Brief 2 Oct. 2013: .

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