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Type: Op ed

More than 50 publications match these criteria. The 50 most recent are shown below. To find older publications, please try a more specific search.

Op ed

Jason Brennan. "Why Democracy Is Not Sacred." Reason 8 Nov. 2017: .

Andrew Herr. "Investing in Human Performance." Defense News 8 Feb. 2017: .

Brenda Shaffer. "US can exploit fault lines to drive wedge between Iran, Russia." The Hill 7 Feb. 2017: .

Oriana Skylar Mastro. "China’ Lukewarm Response to Indian Military Modernization." China Brief 13 Jan. 2017: .

Randall Amster. "Faux Real: What’s in Your Worldview?." Common Dreams 7 Jan. 2017: .

Brenda Shaffer. "If Trump really wants to restore America’s global power, here are 5 lessons he must embrace." Fox News Opinion 30 Dec. 2016: .

Brenda Shaffer. "Turkish upheaval presents energy security risks." The Hill 21 Dec. 2016: .

Brenda Shaffer. "Tillerson’s ties to Russia could bolster US interests." The Hill 13 Dec. 2016: .

Randall Amster. "Beyond the Post-Truth Society." Common Dreams 10 Dec. 2016: .

Brenda Shaffer. "Meeting of oil producing nations potentially historic." The Hill 9 Dec. 2016: .

Brenda Shaffer. "OPEC production cut boosts oil price, but uncertainty looms." The Hill 6 Dec. 2016: .

Patricia Vieira. "Is Ours a Post-Utopia World?." The Philosophical Salon @ The LA Review of Books 28 Nov. 2016: .

Randall Amster. "Climate Contributions and Responsibilities." Global Futures Initiative, Georgetown University 10 Nov. 2016: .

Oriana Skylar Mastro. "Taiwan’s Defense Policy Under Tsai." China Brief 4 Oct. 2016: .

Randall Amster. "Saving Our Oceans, Saving Ourselves." Global Futures Initiative, Georgetown University 29 Sep. 2016: .

Randall Amster. "Climate Change as a Function of Social Change." Global Futures Initiative, Georgetown University 12 Sep. 2016: .

Marwa Daoudy. "The Need for Radical Transformation." “Global Future of the Environment," the Global Futures Initiative’s Blog at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service 12 Sep. 2016: .

Cóilín Parsons. "More than a map: the Ordnance Survey’s huge but hidden cultural impact." The Irish Times 1 Sep. 2016: .

Kevin M Doak. "Seizen tai-i: watakushi wa k? omou." Senkai Ny?su 18 Aug. 2016: .

Adonis Hoffman. "Nexstar Media General Merger No Threat to the Public Interest." Broadcasting & Cable 28 Jul. 2016: .

Andrew Borene. "Unlike Trump, Clinton Realizes the US Presidency Isn’t a One-Person Job." US News & World Report 27 Jul. 2016: .

Moran Stern . "Turkish-Israeli Reconciliation has Potential to Benefit both Sides." The Jerusalem Post 5 Jul. 2016: .

Adonis Hoffman. "Time for Common Sense Approach to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act." The Hill 22 Jun. 2016: .

Stephen M Fields, SJ. "An Opening and a Closing: On Graduation and the Priesthood." America. 3 Jun. 2016: .

Andrew Borene & Jamil Jaffer. "Diluting SIV Visa Program Could Condemn Loyal Military Translators to Death." US News & World Report 2 Jun. 2016: .

Adonis Hoffman. "Say No to Iran Because Our Middle East Allies Deserve Better." The Hill 1 Jun. 2016: .

Brenda Shaffer. "Which Way is the Oil Price Heading? Up or Down?." Newsweek 1 Jun. 2016: .

Adonis Hoffman. "On Data Privacy, Congress and Agencies are Both Baffled." The Hill 24 May. 2016: .

Paul Elie. "Postscript: Daniel Berrigan, 1921-2016." The New Yorker 2 May. 2016: .

Paul Elie. "Pope Francis’s Acts of Accompaniment ." 18 Apr. 2016: .

Adonis Hoffman. "The FCC and the Privacy Crucible." The Hill 13 Apr. 2016: .

Adonis E. Hoffman. "Why Charter Succeeded with FCC While Comcast Failed." Broadcasting & Cable 28 Mar. 2016: .

Adonis E. Hoffman. "Restoring Civility to the Capitol." The Hill 24 Mar. 2016: .

Prem M. Trivedi. "India’s Rejection of Fear." Foreign Policy 2016: .

Patricia Vieira. "¿Es el existencialismo un posthumanismo?." La Maleta de Portbou 2016: .

Roza, Marguerite. "Productivity is sometimes a dirty word in education. But it does not have to be." Education Next Blog 2016: .

Patricia Vieira. "Politicizing Plants." The Philosophical Salon @ The LA Review of Books 29 Feb. 2016: .

Adonis E. Hoffman. "Is Apple Putting Profits Over Patriotism." The Hill 24 Feb. 2016: .

Paul Elie. "Wilco’s Music of Adulthood." The New Yorker 10 Feb. 2016: .

Adonis E. Hoffman. "Out of the Set-Top Box and Behind the Curtain." The Hill 10 Feb. 2016: .

Susan C. Kim. "Still much needs to be done to improve health equity." Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 7 Feb. 2016: .

Adonis E. Hoffman. "For the FCC, Competition by Any Other Name." The Hill 20 Jan. 2016: .

Moran Stern . "Might Turkish-Israeli Rapprochement be Premature?`." The Jerusalem Post 14 Jan. 2016: .

Jason Brennan. "We Can Blame Old People for Brexit, but We Shouldn’t Take Away Their Votes." Quartz 2016: .

Jason Brennan. "Against Democracy." The National Interest 2016: .

Jason Brennan. "Can Epistocracy--Knowledge-Based Voting--Fix Democracy?." LA Times 2016: .

Jason Brennan. "The Electoral College is Anti-Democratic--And That’s a Good Thing." Market watch 2016: .

Jason Brennan. "Trump’s Ideology Test Could Make Sense, but Not in the Way He Means,” ." Marketwatch 2016: .

Jason Brennan. "Against Democracy." Foreign Affairs 2016: .

Jason Brennan. "Why Not Epistocracy?." Aeon 2016: .

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