Nancy Sherman


University Professor
Fellow of Kennedy Institute


Department of Philosophy


Her recent research focuses on military ethics,the battlefield mind of the soldier and the moral weight of war. She is also an expert on the emotions and the history of moral philosophy.
Her most recent book is Afterwar: Healing The Moral Wounds of our Soldiers Oxford, May 2015. She is also the author of The Untold War: Inside the hearts, minds, and souls of our soldiers. : Norton Press, March 2010. New York: Oxford University Press, 2005.

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Ethics for Military Leaders. Nancy Sherman, A. Donovan, D. Johnson, G. Lucas Jr., P. Roush . American Heritage Custom Publishing, 1997.
Making a Necessity of Virtue: Aristotle and Kant on Virtue. : Cambridge University Press, 1997.
The Fabric of Character: Aristotle’s Theory of Virtue. : Oxford University Press, 1989.