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Adjunct Professor - Landegger Program in International Business Diplomacy (IBD)
Professor in the Practice of International Affairs Chair, International Commerce and Business


School of Foreign Service (SFS)
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Professor Harrison is Professor in the Practice of International Affairs and Chair of the International Commerce and Business concentration in the MSFS program in the Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. His courses focus on strategy, particularly in the areas of national security, foreign policy and business. His particular research interests center around the pedagogy of strategy, a topic he has written on in collaboration with a group of colleagues from the U.S. Army War College and the National Defense University. He is currently under contract with Potomac Books to write PRACTICING STRATEGY IN 3D: A GUIDE FOR NATIONAL SECURITY, FOREIGN POLICY AND BUSINESS PROFESSIONALS.

From 2005-February 2009 Professor Harrison also served as Vice-President of the America-Georgia Business Council in Washington, D.C., an international NGO which promotes and facilitates business ties between the United States and the Republic of Georgia.

On the international business front, Professor Harrison serves on the advisory board of Leeds/GPG group of New Kensington, PA. Until January 2005, he was Executive Vice President of Tapco International, a world-wide manufacturer of exterior building products, and President and CEO of Builders Edge, one of the largest of the company’s 9 operating divisions. In terms of international business growth, Professor Harrison was responsible for the company’s entry into the South American market on behalf of The Home Depot of the United States and Fallabella of Santiago, Chile, and led the team that opened up operations in Chile in the mid-90’s. In addition, he has worked to expand the operational and marketing reach of Tapco’s European divisions, particularly into Western Europe, Russia and other CIS countries.