Michele L Swers




Department of Government


Dr. Swers research interests include Congress (policymaking and elections) and women and politics (including women officeholders, the gender gap in elections, and women candidates). Dr. Swers has written two books on women and representation in Congress. Her book, The Difference Women Make: The Policy Impact of Women in Congress (University of Chicago Press 2002) explores gender differences in policy making activity on issues related to women, children, and families. Women in the Club: Gender and Policy Making in the Senate (University of Chicago Press 2013) examines the impact of gender on senators' policy activities in the areas of women's issues, national security, and judicial nominations. The book also analyzes women’s activities as members of partisan teams leveraging their gender to promote party messages to groups of women voters and to advance their own policy goals. Dr. Swers has written numerous articles and book chapters on women in Congress and women in elections as candidates and voters. She is currently working on a project that examines differences in the policy views and support coalitions of Republican men and women in Congress.