Michael J Green


Associate Professor and Chair in Modern and Contemporary Japanese Politics and Foreign Policy


Faculty - SFS
In the news

In the news

  • “The leadership is quite insecure now,” Michael Green, associate professor in the School of Foreign Service, on the current Chinese political situation in light of the recent government scandal. Leaders in Beijing Feared Arab Spring Could Infect China May 1, 2012, Bloomberg
  • "Roosevelt presided over the emergence of the United States as a world power and represented, more than any other president in history, a boundless self-confidence and optimism about American ascent. In polls taken last year by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, only 33 percent of Americans thought that their country would still be the world's leading power in 50 years and a meager 8 percent thought the United States should try to remain the preeminent leader in solving global problems."

    Michael Green, associate professor of foreign service, on the recent comparisons of President Theodore Roosevelt's policies to current U.S. policies.

    Foreign Policy: GOP, Don't Turn Your Back To Teddy May 31, 2011, NPR