James P Habyarimana


Provost's Distinguished Associate Professor


McCourt School of Public Policy


My primary research interests are in education and health policy in developing countries. In education, I am currently working on three randomized field experiments: the impact of e-readers and learning in secondary schools in Lagos; the impact of conditional cash transfers on access and achievement by girls in Northern Nigeria; and the impact of double shifting and private sector provision of secondary schooling in Uganda. My current work in health centers on identifying the impediments to the efficacy of medication and policies in HIV-affected countries; an evaluation of a novel Road Safety intervention in Kenya; an evaluation of clean water provision on health in urban Uganda and the impact of an integrated approach to addressing disease and poverty in Brazil. Using data from a number of ARV treatment sites in Africa, we are studying the socio-economic determinants of treatment adherence in Western Kenya and South-west Uganda. In a separate project, we are looking at the impact of HIV-status information on a range of socio-economic behavior to understand the implications of national testing policies. Together with a co-author, we are currently evaluating a scaled up information intervention on road safety in Kenya as well documenting the impact of clean water on child health and household welfare in Uganda. Finally, we are just starting an evaluation of an integrated diseases and poverty intervention in Brazil.
My interests in political economy have been engaged in a new study looking at the impact of decentralization, electoral politics and education policy in Uganda.