Jeffrey Connor


Adjunct Professor - Center for Security Studies (CSS)


School of Foreign Service (SFS)
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General profile


As an adjunct professor, Jef has co-designed and delivered a special National Security Critical Issue Task Force graduate seminar for the Center for Security Studies. His primary work has been with the US Intelligence Community for whom he has written a number of internal case studies and helped design and deliver executive education. He has also worked with businesses, professional service organizations, federal law enforcement, and the US military. He has delivered programs on leadership in over twenty-five countries for a wide range of USG and foreign national participants.
For twenty years Jef was the CEO of a large professional service organization and, for over twenty-five years, was a Lecturer on Organizational Behavior at Harvard Medical School where he co-facilitated a seminar on leadership for chief residents in psychiatry. He has previously been on the faculty of the Graduate School of Education at Harvard where he co-taught a seminar on Organizational Diagnosis.
Jef has published papers and case studies on leadership and organizational behavior. He wrote, “Operación Jaque,” a case study on the team responsible for the bold design and execution of the July 2008 hostage rescue in Colombia. He co-wrote (with Harvard Business School professor Scott Snook) “The Price of Progress: Structurally Induced Inaction” published in Organization at the Limit, analyzing NASA’s organizational issues related to the Columbia Shuttle disaster and a case study, also with Scott Snook, on the death of a five year old at Boston’s Children’s Hospital (published by Harvard Business School Press). Jef completed the research and wrote an in-depth teaching case on the loss of four soldiers in an IED incident in Kandahar, Afghanistan in May 2013.
He has written cases on a tragic organizational failure by the District of Columbia Fire and EMS and on the shoot down of a missionary plane in Peru, a tragic case of mistaken identity. He also wrote, It wasn’t about race. Or was it?, relating to an organizational conflict focusing on race and gender (published in the Harvard Business Review). He has written several other cases that are extensively used within the intelligence community. He was recently part of the team that developed multimedia, on-line leadership teaching materials for the US military’s explosive ordinance community.
Originally from Niagara Falls, NY, he currently lives in San Francisco. Jef is also a guitar and furniture builder.


  • Ph.D. (1981) Brandeis University, Policy, Research, Management