George Luta


Tenure Line -- Associate Professor


Biostatistics and Bioinformatics


Dr. Luta has more than 15 years of experience as a Biostatistician, including 6 years at UNC at Chapel Hill School of Medicine as the project statistician for a large epidemiological study and its related sub studies. His expertise includes the design and statistical analysis of observational studies and randomized clinical trials.

Dr. Luta's current collaborative work includes the development and validation of a risk index for toxicity from chemotherapy, internet-based education for prostate cancer screening, the evaluation of quality of life among long term prostate cancer survivors in the PLCO cancer screening trial, and parent communication of BRCA1/2 test results to children.

Dr. Luta's methodological research is focused on the development of conditional empirical likelihood-based statistical methods for the analysis of data from clinical trials and observational studies. Dr. Luta is also interested in the development of statistical methods for the analysis of flow cytometry data, including methods based on non negative matrix factorization.