Eric Burger


Research Professor
Research Professor of Computer Science and Director, Security and Software Engineering Research Center


Department of Computer Science
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+1 202-687-4107


342C St Mary's Hall


I have had the privilege to have a classic R&D career that has included key positions with technology leaders, including MCI, BEA Systems, Neustar, Brooktrout, Centigram, and Cable & Wireless. My career track has gone from being a Research Engineer and Research Engineer, Program Manager, Engineering Director, VP Engineering, SVP and Chief Technology Officer, as well as General Manager and Center Director.

As for entrepreneurial and startup experience, I was Founder and CTO of SnowShore Networks, a top-tier VC-backed company with a successful exit. I was founding CTO (through merger) of Cantata Technology, a top-tier PE-backed company. I have a track record of creating value and explaining that value to the marketplace, the corporation, and investors, measured by industry recognition, thought leadership, patents, and market capitalization / value at exit. Moreover, I stayed on with the surviving company in four out of five acquisitions (no one can buy Oracle, so why bother?).

As for international experience, I have developed and executed growth strategies for penetrating and partnering in major Asian markets including China, Japan, and Korea as well as Europe. I lived in Europe for over five years, establishing an R&D center for a US company as well as serving as a major account manager to one of the largest companies in Europe.


  • PhD () Illinois Institute of Technology, Computer Science
  • MBA () Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, International Business Management
  • SBEE () Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Electrical Engineering