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Kenneth L Dretchen


Department Chair - Pharmacology, Professor
Chairman and Professor, Department of Pharmacology


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+1 202-687-7007




I am interested in developing antidotes for chemical weapons of mass destruction. Recently, I was a member of the team of experts that designed kits carried by the United States Military for use in case of exposure to chemical weapons of mass destruction.

The problems that chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction pose are the delays in detecting these toxins in the local environment. Chemical weapons present instant toxicities, including death, before they are ever detected; biological toxins are only detected in excesses. These are the problems that I am currently researching in conjunction with the National Laboratories and Department of Defense Contractors. Our team is working on a system of rapid detection of threat agents that will protect those in danger of exposure to these agents.


  • PhD (1972) University of Iowa, Pharmacology