Darren Michael Mays


Tenure Line -- Assistant Professor


Population Sciences
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+1 202-687-8937


Research Building


My primary research interests include behavioral cancer prevention among adolescent and young adult populations. My work in this area seeks to develop interventions designed to motivate adolescents and young adults to make healthy decisions to reduce long term risks of cancer. This includes interventions designed for population-level implementation and impact, such as policy and regulations. My recent and ongoing studies of behavioral risk factors for cancer have examined tobacco and alcohol use, sun safety, and UV radiation exposure. I am also involved in research investigating health promotion and quality of life among adolescent and young adult survivors of childhood cancer. My ongoing research is supported through funding from the National Institutes of Health, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and private foundations.


  • Ph.D. (2009) Emory University, Behavioral Sciences
  • M.P.H. (2006) Emory University, Behavioral Sciences
  • B.A. (2004) University of Pittsburgh, History and Philosophy of Science