Caetlin Benson-Allott


Associate Professor
Department of English
Faculty, American Studies Program


Department of English


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ENGL-043-10 Gateway:Intro to Crit Methods
ENGL-250-01 US Film History & Technology
ENGL-251-01 Intro to Film Theory
ENGL-255-01 History of New Media
ENGL-272-01 Technologies of Horror
ENGL-284-01 Sem: Gender & Technology
ENGL-413-01 Horror: Technology & Techniques
  • Spring 2013 Benson-Allott, C (description,file download)
ENGL-482-01 Capstone: Film Studies/1970s: The American Renaissance
ENGL-688-01 Multimedia Spectatorships
FMST-100-01 Gateway to Film & Media Stds
FMST-401-01 Capstone Film/Media Studies(2)