Nicole C Fernandez


Adjunct Faculty - Communication, Culture, and Technology (CCT)


Department of Mathematics and Statistics
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Nicole C. Fernandez is a math educator whose main interest is making math accessible to those in the social sciences and humanities.

She has a B.A. in English Language and Literature from The Catholic University of America. She earned minors in both Math and Religion as an undergraduate and became interested in the teaching of mathematics in this context. She went on to teach math to high school juniors and seniors for five years before earning an M.S. in Math and Statistics from Georgetown in 2008.

She has taught courses such as Statistical Methodology and Social Network Analysis for the Communication, Culture and Technology Program at Georgetown since Fall of 2008. In addition, she developed the Interpreting Math in the Media Series for CCT, which focuses on topics as varied as election polling, health statistics, international economics and the analysis of corporate balance sheets. These courses emphasize the development of math skills as a means of engaging in the civic discourse, helping students understand issues that shape our world.

Beginning in Fall 2011 she will teach Business Statistics for the School of Continuing Studies, a course that will focus on computational techniques while helping students recognize both the strengths and shortcoming of statistics as used in business and economics.


  • MS (2008) Georgetown University, Math and Statistics
  • BA (2001) Catholic University, English Language and Literature