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Type: Article in journal

More than 50 publications match these criteria. The 50 most recent are shown below. To find older publications, please try a more specific search.

Article in journal

John A. Gentry and Joseph S. Gordon. "U.S. Strategic Warning Intelligence: Situation and Prospects." International Journal of Intelligence and CounterIntelligence 31.1 (2018).

Lise Morjé Howard and Anjali Kaushlesh Dayal. "The Use of Force in UN Peacekeeping." International Organization (2018).

Raney, Michael W. "Trilateral matroids induced by n_3-configurations." Ars Mathematica Contemporanea (2018).

Michael R. Slater. "Xunzi on Heaven, Ritual, and the Way." Philosophy East and West 68.4 (2018).

Kathryn M. de Luna. "Tracing the Itineraries of Working Concepts across African History." African Economic History 44 (2017): 235-257.

Payyappalli, V. M., J. Zhuang, V. R. R. Jose. "Deterrence and Risk Preferences in a Sequential Attacker-Defender Game with Continuous Defense Effort." Risk Analysis (2017).

Kathryn M. de Luna. "Rethinking Ingombe Ilede and its Hinterland." Antiquity (2017).

Andrew Sobanet. "Olivier Rolin’s Le Météorologue: Vicarious Witnessing and the Gulag." MLN (2017).

Stephen M Fields SJ. "On Nature and Grace in ’Deus Caritas Est’." Nova et Vetera. Special ed. on thought of Pope Benedict XVI. Ed. Stephen M Fields, SJ. Sent to journal for publication. Forthcoming 15.4 (2017).

Stephen M Fields, SJ. "Introduction: Benedict XVI and Conciliar Hermeneutics." Nova et Vetera. Special ed. on thought of Pope Benedict XVI. Ed. Stephen M Fields, SJ. Sent to journal for publication. Forthcoming 15.4 (2017).

Nicoletta Pireddu. "Handing Out Beauty: Gabriele D’Annunzio’s Ritual Squanderers." Forum Italicum 51.2 (2017).

John A. Gentry. "Intelligence Services and Special Operations Forces: Why Relationships Differ." International Journal of Intelligence and CounterIntelligence 30.4 (2017).

Michael R. Slater. "Two Rival Interpretations of Xunzi’s Views on the Basis of Morality." Journal of Religious Ethics 45.2 (2017): 363-379.

Pannkuk EL, Laiakis EC, Authier S, Wong K, Fornace Jr AJ. "Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry Metabolomics of Urine and Serum from Nonhuman Primates Exposed to Ionizing Radiation: Impacts on the Tricarboxylic Acid Cycle and Protein Metabolism.." J Proteome Res 16.5 (2017): 2091-2100.

Laiakis EC, Wang YW, Young EF, Harken AD, Xu Y, Smilenov L, Garty GY, Brenner DJ, Fornace Jr AJ. "Metabolic Dysregulation after Neutron Exposures Expected from an Improvised Nuclear Device.." Radiat Res (2017).

Nathan Miller, Marc Remer, Conor Ryan, and Gloria Sheu. "Upward Pricing Pressure as a Predictor of Merger Price Effects." International Journal of Industrial Organization 52 (2017): 216-247.

Ashley L. Cohen. "The Global Indies: Historicizing Oceanic Metageographies." Comparative Literature 69.1 (2017).

Grushka-Cockayne, Y., K. C. Lichtendahl Jr., V. R. R. Jose, R. L. Winkler. "Quantile Evaluation, Sensitivity to Bracketing, and Sharing Business Payoffs." Operations Research 65.3 (2017): 712-728.

Grushka-Cockayne, Y., V. R. R. Jose, K. C. Lichtendahl Jr.. "Ensembles of Overfit and Overconfident Forecasts." Management Science 63.4 (2017): 1110-1130.

John A. Gentry. "Rebalancing the Intelligence Analyst Career Cycle." American Intelligence Journal 34.1 (2017).

English, William. "Paying People to Make Healthy Choices." eLS: John Wiley & Sons (2017).

Brian Hochman. "Wiretapping Stuff: Notes on Sound, Sense, and Technical Infrastructure." Resilience (2017).

Simbulan-Rosenthal CM, Dakshanamurthy S, Gaur A, Chen YS, Fang HB, Abdussamad M, Zhou H, Zapas J, Calvert V, Petricoin EF, Atkins MB, Byers SW, Rosenthal DS. "The repurposed anthelmintic mebendazole in combination with trametinib suppresses refractory NRASQ61K melanoma.." Oncotarget. doi: 10.18632/oncotarget.14990. [Epub ahead of print] (2017).

Matthew E. Carnes. "The Challenges of Formalizing Labor in Latin America." Current History 116.787 (2017): 43-48.

Nicoletta Pireddu. "TransEuropa: Idiomi in movimento, identità in costruzione." Eutopías: A Journal on Interculturality, Communication, and European Studies 13 (2017).

C. Christine Fair, Rebecca Littman, Elizabeth R. Nugent. "“Conceptions of Shari`a and Support for Militancy and Democratic Values: Evidence from Pakistan,” ." Political Science and Research Methods (2017).

Pannkuk EL, Fornace AJ Jr, Laiakis EC. "Metabolomic applications in radiation biodosimetry: exploring radiation effects through small molecules.." Int J Radiat Biol. (2017): 1-26.

John A. Gentry. "The Intelligence of Fear." Intelligence and National Security 32.1 (2017): 9-25.

Danner, Kerry. "Hope, Courage, and Resistance During Climate Change: Insights from African-American Economic Cooperative Practices." The Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics 36.2 (2017): 173-192.

Huaping Lu-Adler. "Kant and the Normatively of Logic." European Journal of Philosophy (forthcoming) (2017).

Huaping Lu-Adler. "Logical Normativity and Rational Agency--Reassessing Locke’s Relation to Logic." Journal of History of Philosophy (forthcoming) (2017).

Jason Brennan. "Politics Makes Us Dumb and Mean." Emotion Researcher (2017).

Richard M. Waugaman. "Review of Film Nothing Truer than Truth." The American Psychoanalyst (2017).

Raphael Calel and David A. Stainforth. "On the Physics of three Integrated Assessment Models." Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society (2017).

Zhang AY, Fu AZ, Moore S, Zhu H, Strauss G, Kresevic D, Klein E, Ponsky L, Bodner DR. "Is a behavioral treatment for urinary incontinence beneficial to prostate cancer survivors as a follow-up care?." Journal of Cancer Survivorship 11.1 (2017): 24-31.

Nicoletta Pireddu. "Europe at the End of the Chunnel: Malcolm Bradbury’s and Tim Parks’s Eurosceptic Albion." English Studies (2017).

Richard M. Waugaman. "“Remembering Walker Percy’s Psychoanalyst: Commentary on ‘The Transference Phenomenon in Psychoanalytic Therapy’’ by Janet MacKenzie Rioch. ." Psychiatry (2017).

Aggarwal, R., J.D. Schloetzer, and R. Williamson. "Do Corporate Governance Mandates Impact Long-term Firm Value and Governance Culture?." Journal of Corporate Finance (2017).

Nathan Miller, Matthew Osborne, and Gloria Sheu. "Pass-Through in a Concentrated Industry: Empirical Evidence and Regulatory Implications." The RAND Journal of Economics 48.1 (2017): 69-93.

Stephen M. Wilson. "The Imago Dei and Biblical Violence (*working title*)." Interpretation (2017).

April Sizemore-Barber. "“Archival Movements: South Africa’s Gay and Lesbian Memory in Action,” ." Safundi: the Journal of Southern African Studies (2017).

Shiloh Krupar. "Sustainable World Expo? The Governing Function of Spectacle in Shanghai and Beyond." Theory, Culture & Society (2017).

Dague, Laura, Thomas DeLeire, and Lindsey Leininger . "The Effect of Public Insurance Coverage for Childless Adults on Labor Supply." American Economic Journal: Economic Policy (2017).

Jose, V. R. R.. "Percentage and Relative Error Measures in the Evaluation of Forecasts.." Operations Research 65.1 (2017): 200-211.

Jeng-Eng Lin. "Nonexistence of nontrivial solutions with decay order for some nonlinear elliptic equations." Journal of Nonlinear and Convex Analysis (2017).

Jason Brennan. "Propaganda about Propaganda." Critical Review (2017).

Jason Brennan. "Competition in Utopian Capitalism." Moral Philosophy and Politics (2017).

Luckow PW, Kenny A, White E, Ballard M, Dorr L, Erlandson K, Grant B, Johnson A, Lorenzen B, Ly EJ, McDaniel A, Mukherjee S, Nowine N, Sathananthan V, Sechler GA, Kraemer JD, Siedner MJ, & Panjabi R. "Bridging the remote healthcare gap: healthcare utilization before-and-after implementation of an enhanced, integrated community health worker pilot in remote Liberia." Bulletin of the World Health Organization 95.2 (2017): 113-120.

Richard M. Waugaman. "An Unpublished Letter by Sigmund Freud on the Shakespeare Authorship Question." Scandinavian Review of Psychoanalysis (2017).

Karpoff, J., Koester, A., Lee, D.S., and G. Martin. "Financial misconduct revelation and proxy choice." The Accounting Review, forthcoming (2017).

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