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Law, government, and politics

More than 50 publications match these criteria. The 50 most recent are shown below. To find older publications, please try a more specific search.


Julie Dolan, Melissa Deckman, and Michele Swers. Women in Politics, 3rd Edition. Lanaham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield, 2016.

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Article in journal

John D. Kraemer. "Helmet Laws, Helmet Use, and Bicycle Ridership." Journal of Adolescent Health (2016).

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Article in book

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Article in conference proceeding

Kotschwar, Barbara. "North-South Rebalancing: the Role of Innovation, Technology Transfer and Sharing of Best Practices." Wider Atlantic Policy Paper Series. Washington, DC: German Marshall Fund, 2014.

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Hoffman, Adonis. "Emerging Business and Legal Issues for Next Generation Advertising Models." Interactive Media and New Technology, American Bar Association Forum on Entertainment and Sports Industries. New York, NY: American Bar Association Forum on Entertainment and Sports Industries, 2007.

Hoffman, Adonis. "Public Policy, Public Opinion and Prescription Drugs: The New Rules of Responsible Marketing." DTC in the Age of Innovation. : DTC National, 2007.

Op ed

Adonis Hoffman. "Nexstar Media General Merger No Threat to the Public Interest." Broadcasting & Cable 28 Jul. 2016: .

Adonis Hoffman. "Time for Common Sense Approach to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act." The Hill 22 Jun. 2016: .

Adonis Hoffman. "Say No to Iran Because Our Middle East Allies Deserve Better." The Hill 1 Jun. 2016: .

Adonis Hoffman. "On Data Privacy, Congress and Agencies are Both Baffled." The Hill 24 May. 2016: .

Adonis E. Hoffman. "Why Charter Succeeded with FCC While Comcast Failed." Broadcasting & Cable 28 Mar. 2016: .

Adonis E. Hoffman. "Restoring Civility to the Capitol." The Hill 24 Mar. 2016: .

Prem M. Trivedi. "India’s Rejection of Fear." Foreign Policy 2016: .

Adonis E. Hoffman. "Is Apple Putting Profits Over Patriotism." The Hill 24 Feb. 2016: .

Adonis E. Hoffman. "The FCC’s Merger Mandate." The Hill 16 Dec. 2015: .

Daniel Kaniewski. "The Lessons We Must Learn From Paris." The Daily Signal 24 Nov. 2015: .

Edited book

Vladimir Latinovic, Gerard Mannion and Peter Phan, ed. Pathways for Inter-Religious Dialogue in the 21st Century. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015.

Shanthi Kalathil, ed. Diplomacy, Development and Security in the Information Age. : Institute for the Study of Diplomacy, Georgetown University, 2013.

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Book review

Ridgeway Addison. "Review of the book A Thicker Jesus: Incarnational Discipleship in a Secular Age by Glenn Harold Stassen." The Presbyterian Outlook (2013).

Henry Richardson. "Deliberative Democracy and Beyond by John S. Dryzek." Philosophical Quarterly (2006).

James D. LeSueur. "Uncivil War: Intellectuals and Identity Politics During the Decolonization of Algeria." Journal of Islam and Muslim Christian Relations 14.2 (2003).

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Raj M. Desai. "Out of the Red." Finance and Development 39.1 (2002): 54.

Lonnie D. Henley. "The Taiwan Conundrum in US China Policy, by Martin L. Lasater." Parameters 30.4 (2000): 150-167.

Raj M. Desai. "Privatization and Entrepreneurship." Finance and Development 35.4 (1998).

Mark Murphy. "Innocence Lost: An Examination of Inescapable Moral Wrongdoing by Christopher S. Gowans." Philosophical Books 37 (1996): 61-63.

Conference proceeding

William B. McAllister, ed. "Reflections on a Century of International Drug Control." 2012. London: London School of Economics.

Chester Crocker, Fen Osler Hampson, Pamela Aall, ed. "Dealing with Conflict in the Current Security Environment." 1 Mar. 2007. Chicago, Illinois: Paper Prepared for Delivery at the International Studies Association Annual Meeting.

Thomas Brewer, ed. "The Changing Balance of Power in the US on Climate Change Issues." 2005. Brussels: European Conference on Climate Change.

Thomas Brewer, ed. "Recent Develpments in the US on Climate Change Issues and Their Implications for European Competitiveness: What Can Be Done about the US Free Rider Problem." 2005. Molle, Sweden: Annual Conference for the Swedish Network of European Economists.

Thomas Brewer, ed. "The Political Economy of US Responses to Climate Change Issues." 2005. Tokyo, Japan: Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI), Cabinet Office, Government of Japan.

Thomas Brewer, ed. "How to Bridge Transatlantic Differences without Undermining the Kyoto Process." 2005. Brussels: Ecosphere Conference at the European Parliament.

Michele Dunne, ed. "The Israeli-Palestinian Track: The View from Washington." 2005. Munich: Bertelsmann Group for Policy Research.

Thomas Brewer, ed. "The EU Emissions Trading Scheme for Greenhouse Gases: Regulatory Uncertainties and Prices in Carbon Markets." 2004. Ljubljana, Slovenia: Paper prepared for the Annual Meeting of the European International Business Academy.

Thomas Cooke, ed. "2004 IRS Nationwide Tax Forums." 2004. Summer 2004: Internal Revenue Service.

Thomas Brewer, ed. "Engaging the US on Climate Issues." 2003. London, England: Chatham House, Conference on the International Climate Regime.


Daniel Kaniewski appointed Vice President for Global Resilience.

Professor Spotlight Series: An Interview with Daniel Kaniewski, SSP Adjunct Professor.

Kalathil, Shanthi. "Transparency, Accountability and Technology," Plan International USA, 2016.

Daniel Kaniewski writes about national security and homeland security policy issues on Twitter.

A comprehensive list of Daniel Kaniewski’s publications.

Pope Francis: Preacher, Teacher, Reformer - DVD Lecture Series.

John Kraemer. The Supreme Court And The Contraception Mandate: A Temporary Setback For Contraception Coverage. Health Affairs Blog. June 30, 2014.

John Kraemer. The ACA’s Contraception Coverage Mandate: Constitutional Limits On Exempting Employers. Health Affairs Blog. March 19, 2014.

2014. Women, Sports and Development: Does it Pay to Let Girls Play? Policy Brief 14-8. Washington DC: Peterson Institute for International Economics. March. .

Pope John XXIII - DVD Lecture Series.


Daniel Kaniewski. "C-SPAN appearances." Prof Daniel Kaniewski’s C-SPAN appearances, 2015.

Adonis E. Hoffman. "Responsible Marketing and Advertising--Speech to the Advertising Industry." Advertising Age, Special Report, March 2007, 2007.

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