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Languages and linguistics

More than 50 publications match these criteria. The 50 most recent are shown below. To find older publications, please try a more specific search.


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Article in journal

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For publications, see our lab website: . " ." . (2012).

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Article in book

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Article in conference proceeding

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Op ed

Sohail Nakhooda, et al. "Making Media." ISLAMICA Magazine 2007: .

Sohail Nakhooda, et al. "Making Our Voices Heard." ISLAMICA Magazine 2007: .

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Sohail Nakhooda, et al. "Africa: Achievements and Struggles." ISLAMICA Magazine 2006: .

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Edited book

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Book review

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Conference proceeding

Andrew N. Rubin, ed. "Orientalism and the History of Western Anti-Semitism: The Coming End of An American Taboo." 2014. : under consideration at History of the Present.

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Manuscript submitted to publisher(s)

Sanz, C. , Park, HI, Lado, B.. "A functional approach to cross-linguistic influence in L3A. ." : Bilingualism: Language & Cognition, submitted in 2014.

Sicoli, Mark. "The language of perception in Lachixío Zapotec." : Oxford, submitted in 2012.

Under contract for publication

Diane Apostolos-Cappadona . "Material Religion (Macmillan Handbooks in Religion Series)." : Macmillan-cengage, to appear in 2016.

In press

Sicoli, Mark. "Voice Registers." Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell , to appear in 2014.

Sicoli, Mark. "Agency and Verb Valence in Lachixío Zapotec." Amsterdam: Brill, to appear in 2014.

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