Hang Yuan


SOM Research Track -- Associate Professor
Associate Professor Director of HPV Biology Program


Molecular Oncology


Human papilloma viruses (HPVs) are estimated to cause around 5% of all human cancers as well as serious benign disease in some individuals. There are no antiviral drugs against HPV infection and treatment options for precursor lesions, end-stage cancers and benign papillomas. Vaccination represents a solution in prevention, but the treatment of infected patients is very limited. A better understanding of infection and HPV pathogenesis is a critical for the future development of therapeutics.
Over the past years we have focus on virus pathogenesis research, vaccine development and viral drug discovery. We have also developed a variety of techniques, including 3D cell cultures in vitro, animal models and HPV patient cells that will allow the detailed analysis of HPV growth, the host systems with which they interact and the clinical conditions that ensue.