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In the news

  • "If we have learned anything from electoral politics since 2000, it is that the nation is deeply divided and that the fortunes of the parties can change significantly from one election cycle to the next, even with just a marginal shift in voting preferences or turnout rates among certain constituencies." Clyde Wilcox, professor of government, on the effect of the 2012 election on the political power of the Christian Right. Do elections indicate the death of the Christian Right? Not so fast. November 15, 2012, The Washington Post
  • "There will be a number of Republican evangelicals who stay home because of Romney's Mormonism." Clyde Wilcox, professor of government, on the issue of candidates' religion in the 2012 presidential campaign. 'Other-ness': What Obama and Romney have in common on religion, race May 22, 2012, CNN
  • "This is a moment [for Obama] to be presidential and not worry so much about the campaign. The emphasis is that America will avenge itself, and we do take action when we are attacked. Not to be gloating, but to be strong." Clyde Wilcox, professor of government, on the anniversary of Osama Bin Laden's death. Bin Laden anniversary delicate moment for Obama, Romney April 25, 2012, Reuters
  • “Disclosure by itself is not the solution to any problem. It’s a path to earn trust. But just saying things is not enough, unless you also do something," Clyde Wilcox, professor of government, concerning issues of levels of disclosure in government. I Disclose ... Nothing January 21, 2012, The New York Times