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Pierre S Taminiaux




Department of French
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Professor Taminiaux is actively involved in university teaching, research and service since the fall of 1991.
In 1994, he published his first book, 'Robert Pinget', a comprehensive study of one of the most important figures of the French New Novel. He then published a series of essays in comparative literature entitled 'Poetique de la Negation' in 1998.
His following scholarly book, 'Surmodernites: entre reve et technique', published in 2003, deals with the representation of both dreams and technique in the esthetics of modernism and the 20th century avant-garde, in literature, film and the visual arts.
His last scholarly work, 'The Paradox of Photography', published in 2009, focuses on the critical discourse on photography by major modern French poets and critics (Baudelaire, Breton, Barthes and Valery).
He has also written numerous articles evaluating both contemporary cultural theory and twentieth-century French literature and art, and has translated the work of both cultural theory and modernist literature.
He has also co-edited two scholarly volumes, most recently 'Poesie et Politique au XXe siecle' (2011), which focuses on the political discourse and engagement of various 20th century French poets, from the Surrealists in the 1930's to the modernist poets of the post-World War II period.
In addition, Professor Pierre Taminiaux pursues a wide range of creative activities, both in literature and the visual arts. In this regard, he has published a novel 'Le Matin d'un Voleur' (2003), three plays, 'Le Bord' (2005), 'Feu Noir' (2009) and 'Le Refus' (2011) and most recently (in 2012) a volume of poetry, 'Les Mots de l'Art', inspired by the works of Dada artist Jean Arp and Cubist painter Juan Gris.
While the wide range of his academic interests is reflected in his teaching, Professor Taminiaux concentrates particularly on the relationship between modern French literature and the visual arts, with a specific emphasis on photography. Moreover, he has taught several senior seminars dealing with contemporary issues of cultural and political theory in France (in particular, nationalism and radical left-wing ideologies).
At the same time, Professor Taminiaux serves as a student advisor and on various committees in both the French Department and at the University level.