Nancy Sherman


University Professor
Fellow of Kennedy Institute


Department of Philosophy
In the news

In the news

  • “It's kind of a moral abyss. And I think there is definitely war fatigue, and the national public interest has deadened a bit to the issues that are alive. But it's not one that should be ignored,” Nancy Sherman, professor of philosophy, on Obama’s promise to shut down Guantanamo Bay. Guantanamo Ethics September 6, 2013, PBS Religion and Ethics Weekly
  • "These are issues that get taught and get glamorized, you might say, by television and movies. There's evidence that the utility of harsh interrogation and torture just doesn't work." Nancy Sherman, professor of philosophy, on the portrayal of detainee torture in the film Zero Dark Thirty. The Truth Behind Torture January 8, 2013, HuffPost Live
  • "The idea that war gives meaning to life is troubling to many of us, especially now as we think about our soldiers coming home from long years at war" Nancy Sherman, Professor of Philosophy, on the devastating effects of war on soldiers. Hidden Wounds Healing after a soldier's homecoming May 24, 2012,