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Sonia Alonso obtained her PhD in Political Science at Centre for Advanced Study in the Social Sciences, Juan March Institute (Madrid, Spain) in 1998. The same institution granted her the title of Master of Arts in Social Sciences in 1994. In 1992 she received a Diploma in European Studies by the Institute for European Studies of Deusto University (Bilbao, Spain) and her degree of Bachelor of Arts (with Honours) in Sociology and Political Science also at Deusto University (Bilbao, Spain). In 1998 she received the Doctoral Thesis Prize of the Economic and Social Council of Spain.

Since September 2004 and until August 2014 she was Senior Research Fellow at the Research Unit "Democracy and Democratization" of the Social Science Research Center Berlin (WZB). Between 1998 and 2004 she has done teaching and research in the Universities of Salamanca, Carlos III de Madrid, Oxford (St. Antony’s College), and London (Royal Holloway College). She is a member of the editorial board of Recerca, Revista de Pensament i Anàlisi and of the on-line political analysis platform Agenda Pública. She regularly publishes posts in EUROPP LSE, Agenda Pública and Luces Rojas.

Recent publications:

- Alonso, Sonia (forthcoming): “What type of democratic commitment lies behind the importance of living in a democracy?” in Hanspeter Kriesi (ed.) How Europeans View and Evaluate Democracy. Oxford University Press.

- Alonso, Sonia; Cabeza, Laura and Braulio Gómez (2015): "Parties' Electoral Strategies in a Two-dimensional Political Space: Evidence from Spain and Great Britain", Party Politics, DOI: 10.1177/1354068815597576.

- Alonso, Sonia; Gómez, Braulio and Laura Cabeza (2015): “Disentangling Peripheral Parties’ Issue Packages in Subnational Elections” Comparative European Politics. DOI: 10.1057/cep.2015.15.

- Gómez, Braulio; Cabeza, Laura and Sonia Alonso (2015): “Los partidos estatales ante el laberinto autonómico” in Francisco Pallarés (ed.) Elecciones autonómicas 2008-2012. Partidos y electores en la competición política. Madrid: CIS, 75-109.

- Alonso, Sonia (2015): “Wählen ohne Wahl‘: Demokratie und die Staatsschuldenkrise in der Eurozone” in Wolfgang Merkel (ed.) Demokratie und Krise: Zum schwierigen Verhältnis von Theorie und Empirie. Wiesbaden: Springer VS., 245-276.

- Alonso, Sonia and Cristóbal Rovira-Kaltwasser (2014): “Spain: no Country for the Populist Radical Right?” in Southern European Society and Politics 20 (1): 21-45.

- Alonso, Sonia (2014): “’Votas, pero no eliges’: la democracia y la crisis de la deuda soberana en la eurozona”, Reçerca. Revista de Pensament e Anàlisi 15: 21-53.

- Alonso, Sonia; Gómez, Braulio; and Laura Cabeza (2013): “Measuring Centre-Periphery Preferences: The Regional Manifestos Project”, Regional & Federal Studies (DOI: 10.1080/13597566.2012.754351).

- Alonso, Sonia (2012): Challenging the State: Devolution and the Battle for Partisan Credibility. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

- Alonso, Sonia; Volkens, Andrea; and Braulio Gómez (2012): Content-analysing Political Texts. A Quantitative Approach. Madrid: Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas (CIS).

- Alonso, Sonia and Sara Fonseca (2012): “Immigration Left and Right”, Party Politics, vol. 18 (6).

- Alonso, Sonia, John Keane and Wolfgang Merkel eds. (2011): The Future of Representative Democracy. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

- Alonso, Sonia (2011): “Representative Democracy and the Multinational Demos”, in Sonia Alonso, John Keane and Wolfgang Merkel (eds.) The Future of Representative Democracy. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

- Alonso, Sonia and Braulio Gómez (2011): “Partidos nacionales en elecciones regionales: ¿Coherencia territorial o programas a la carta?”, Revista de Estudios Políticos 152 (abril-junio): 183-209.


  • PhD (1998) Juan March Institute, Political Science
  • MA in Social Sciences (1994) Juan March Institute,


  • French (read)
  • German (speak, read)
  • Italian (speak, read, write)
  • Spanish (speak, read, write)