Rabindra Roy


Tenure Line -- Professor


Molecular Oncology
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+1 202-687-7390


Dr. Roy, Associate Professor of Oncology, has a long-term research goal to understand the role of repair of DNA damage, induced by oxidative stress in the prevention of cancer, neurological disorders and aging. The projects ongoing in the laboratory are to elucidate the basic reaction and regulatory mechanisms of DNA repair enzymes for mutagenic oxidative base damage and lipid peroxidation-induced exocyclic (etheno and propano) DNA adducts, which are induced by endogenous and exogenous oxidative DNA damaging agents including ionizing radiation. The current research interests also focus on the evaluation of role of DNA repair enzymes in carcinogenesis using experimental animal models and in human population for cancer risk assessment.


  • Post Doc (1996) University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, TX, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, & Cell Biology
  • Post Doc (1992) Oak Ridge National Laboratory, TN, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
  • PhD (1990) Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, India, Biochemistry
  • MSc (1984) University of Calcutta, India, Biochemistry
  • BSc (1981) University of Calcutta, India, Chemistry