Lynn C Ross


Teaching Professor


McCourt School of Public Policy


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GOVT-629 Executive Branch Politics & Policymaking
PPOL-510-03 Public Policy Process
PPOL-510-04 Public Policy Process
PPOL-510-10 Public Policy Process
PPOL-514 Public Management
PPOL-514-01 Public Management
PPOL-514-02 Public Management
PPOL-514-03 Public Management
PPOL-517 Public Policy Process
PPOL-550-10 Innovations: Public Management
PPOL-558-01 Mgmt of Program Evaluation
PPOL-559-01 Advanced Policy Mgmt Project
PPOL-559-06 Advanced Policy Mgmt Project
PPOL-580-01 Public Management
PPOL-852-01 Leadershp/Innovatn:Public Mgmt