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Associate Professor with tenure, Neurology; Biostatistics, Bioinformatics & Biomathematics; and Rehabilitation Medicine Director, Collaborative for Research on Outcomes and -Metrics


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Dr. Tractenberg is an associate professor with tenure (awarded 2012) in the Department of Neurology, with secondary appointments in Biostatistics, Bioinformatics & Biomathematics and Rehabilitation Medicine. She is a biostatistician (Professional Statistician designation from the American Statistical Association awarded in 2011 (view the portfolio submitted for the designation here: ) and research methodologist with 20 years of experience designing and analyzing experimental research. Her areas of interest include statistical methodology and statistical literacy for effective stewardship of the discipline in PhD students/holders; higher education curriculum building and evaluation; neuropsychological assessment; the development and benchmarking of outcomes; experimental design; and longitudinal (latent variable) analytic methods. Dr. Tractenberg was the biostatistical consultant for the General Clinical Research Center 2003-2006 and joined the Neurology Department (primary appointment) in 2006. She established the Collaborative for Research on Outcomes and -Metrics (CROM) in 2008 and directs it; for more information, check the CROM page at . You can read about Dr. Tractenberg's scholarship in teaching and learning, which is focused on graduate and post-graduate education in her teaching portfolio: or where most papers, talks, and other materials are posted.

Prior to coming to Georgetown in 2002, Dr. Tractenberg spent five years at the University of California at San Diego as a biostatistician and scientist within a national consortium of Alzheimer's disease research centers. Since arriving at GU in 2002, she has collaborated on research projects on both the Main and Medical school campuses, as well as nationally and internationally.


  • PhD (2009) University of Maryland, College Park, Measurement, Statistics & Evaluation
  • Doctoral Level Certificate (2006) University of Maryland, College Park, Gerontology
  • MPH (2002) Cal State San Diego, Biometry/Biostatistics
  • PhD (1997) UC Irvine, Psychology/Cognitive Sciences
  • MA (1996) UC Irvine, Social Sciences/Psychology
  • BA (1991) UC Santa Barbara, Philosophy/Analytical Reasoning
  • BS (1991) UC Santa Barbara, Biopsychology
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