Manus M. Patten


Assistant Professor of the Practice


Department of Biology


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BIOL-101 First-year seminar in biology
  • Fall 2013 Neale J, Patten M (description,file download)
BIOL-104 Foundations in Biology II
  • Spring 2013 Armbruster P, Fox J, Patten M (file download)
BIOL-152 Genetics
  • Fall 2012 Rolfes R, Patten M (file download)
  • Fall 2011 Tilli Shiffert E, Patten M (file download)
BIOL-185 Evolutionary Processes
BIOL-251 Evolutionary Processes
BIOL-360 Molecular Evolution
  • Fall 2011 Patten M (description,file download)
BIOL-387 Genetic Conflicts
  • Fall 2015 Patten, M (description,file download)
BIOL-501 Graduate Foundations in Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior