Maria J Donoghue


Professor and Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Strategic Planning for Georgetown Colleg
Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Strategic Planning, Georgetown College


Department of Biology
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Associate Professor Maria Donoghue joined the Georgetown faculty in 2006, after a decade as a faculty member at Yale Medical School. Professor Donoghue currently serves as the Codirector of the Neurobiology major and Director of the HHMI-funded University program. She teaches science classes for both nonmajors and Biology and Neurobiology majors. Trained as a developmental neuroscientist, Professor Donoghue's research laboratory aims to reveal the molecular underpinnings of normal brain development. Using molecular and cell biology to examine cerebral cortical neurons in culture and in live brains, the Donoghue lab examines the addition of cells, the maturation of neurons, and the formation of neural circuits. Undergraduates, graduate students, and post-doctoral fellows participate in this work.


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  • Ph.D. (1993) Washington University, Molecular and Celllar Developmental Neurobiology