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Mario F Del Carril


Adjunct Lecturer


Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies
General profile


Poulton - South Wing


University Teacher, journalist with some diplomatic experience, studied and worked Argentina and the United States concerned with issues in philosophy of mind, psychology language and communications. I have written in Argentine and US media (La Nación, The Washington Post, Lost Angeles Times, Hemisfile) on Malvinas-Falklands War, Human Rights and international affairs. I have testified in US congressional subcommittee on misconceptions that led to that war, advised president Raúl Alfonsín´s on US media relations, was Senior Fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Democracy and Media project, was Manager of External Relations Latin American and Caribbean Region of the World Bank. I am currently researching deadly 20th century cultural-political “wars” in Argentina involving Catholics, Liberals and Socialists focused specifically on the life of Emilio Mignone. A book on the subject: the Argentine dirty war in the context of the twentieth century cultural wars is forthcoming. I am a Member of the International Consultative Committee of the Center for Legal and Social Studies of Argentina and the World Press Institute.