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Brian J McCabe


Assistant Professor


Department of Sociology
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+1 202-687-3867


209-09 Car Barn

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MW 12:45-2:00


Brian J. McCabe is Assistant Professor of Sociology at Georgetown University. Through his scholarship and teaching, Professor McCabe investigates the structures that contribute to social inequality, especially in American cities. His research offers an interdisciplinary approach to the study of cities, combining his training in sociology, geography and public policy to investigate housing policy and other urban issues.

Professor McCabe is currently completing a book manuscript titled, No Place Like Home: Community, Wealth and the American Dream. The book explores the competing promises of homeownership in American life – on one hand, the importance of homeownership for building community and, on the other hand, the role homeownership plays in building wealth. Tracing the origins of our commitment to homeownership to the early-twentieth century, the book offers a unique perspective on the enduring place homeownership continues to hold in the wake of the housing crisis.

Since coming to Georgetown, Professor McCabe has published in numerous journals, including Social Forces, City & Community, Contexts, the International Journal of Public Opinion Research, and the Journal of the American Planning Association. He has presented research at conferences of the American Sociological Association, the Urban Affairs Association and the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management.

At Georgetown, Professor McCabe teaches courses on urban studies, neighborhood inequalities and quantitative methods for social research. These course offerings include The City: Approaches to Urban Studies (SOC-209), Neighborhoods, Poverty & Inequality in Washington, DC (SOC-221) and Statistics for Social Research (SOC-203). He is also an adjunct instructor in the Regional and Urban Planning program at the School of Continuing Studies. He has worked with undergraduate students as a thesis mentor in the American Studies, Justice and Peace Studies, and the Culture and Politics programs, and advised several research projects through the Georgetown Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (GUROP), including a project on LGBTQ homelessness in Washington, DC and another on gentrification in DC neighborhoods.

An alumnus of Georgetown, Professor McCabe graduated from the School of Foreign Service in 2002. He completed a Masters degree in urban geography at the London School of Economics (2004) and a PhD in the Sociology Department at New York University (2011).


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  • PhD (2011) New York University, Sociology
  • MSc (2004) London School of Economics, Geography
  • BS (2002) Georgetown University, International Relations