Jean-Francois X Mouhot


Affiliate Researcher


Department of History


My first book (based on my PhD), "Les Acadiens réfugiés en France (1758-1785)" (published by Septentrion in 2009; republished by Presses Universitaires de Rennes in 2012 and currently being translated in English by University of Louisiana Press) dealt with the reintegration of Acadian refugees (French settlers from Acadia / Nova Scotia) deported from America in 1755 and who, after some time in France, went on to migrate to Louisiana and form there the "Cajun" community (Cajun is an alteration of "(A)cadian"). My long-standing interest for humanitarian issues (which drove my initial interest to study the measures taken by the French state to help Acadian refugees) then led me to work five years at Birmingham University, researching the history of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs). This research has resulted in various publications (including one forthcoming books with Oxford University Press, 2012). I have also developed a parallel interest for climate change and energy issues, and have published several articles (and one book forthcoming in France) on these topics, including an article in the journal Climatic Change entitled “Past Connections and Present Similarities in Slave Ownership and Fossil Fuel usage” (March 2011). My current project on the Environmental History of Saint-Domingue/Haiti (1492-present) links together my past research and long standing interests on colonial America, NGOs, slavery and the environment. This project shall occupy me full time until at least June 2014.