John W Vanmeter


Director, Medical Center, Associate Professor, Department of Neurology Director, Center for Function
Director, Center for Functional and Molecular Imaging Associate Professor, Dept of Neurology


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Dr. VanMeter has significant expertise in the analysis of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data. His graduate work involved the development of computer algorithms used for the analysis of white matter and gray matter segmentation in structural MRI scans. Before joining the faculty at Georgetown, he was a staff fellow in the Laboratory of Neuroscience in the National Institute of Aging, where he co-authored the first paper to use fMRI to investigate dyslexia. Dr. VanMeter has led the development of a number of major software programs as the Director of Research and Development at Sensor Systems, Inc. This includes a commercial software package that is utilized at over 300 research institutions worldwide in the analysis of multi-modal datasets including structural MRI and fMRI as well as the subsequent development of one of the first FDA cleared fMRI clinical analysis package.

Recently, he has developed a coordinated data analysis platform for all data collected and analyzed in the Center for Functional and Molecular Imaging (CFMI). In addition, he is developing a database integrating neuroimaging data (e.g. MRI and near-infrared optical) and neuropsychological and behavioral measures improving data management and allowing for mining of the CFMI.

As PI of an NIH funded STAART (Studies to Advance Autism Research and Treatment) center grant project, Dr. VanMeter is applying a number of MRI based techniques including fMRI, Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI), and MR spectroscopy to investigate the neurobiological basis of autism. His research interests also include posttraumatic stress disorder and deception detection.


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  • Ph.D. (1993) Dartmouth College, Computer Science
  • M.S. (1991) Dartmouth College, Computer Science
  • B.S. (1987) University of Oklahoma, Computer Science