Judy Huei-yu Wang


Tenure Line -- Associate Professor
Associate Professor


Population Sciences


Her research interests include biological, psychosocial, and cultural impact on cancer prevention and care, health disparities, culturally competent health communication, health behavior changes, cancer survivorship, integrated care (e.g., mind-body medicine), and hospice care.

Study title: A Physician-Based Trial to Increase Colorectal Cancer Screening in Chinese

The goal of this study is to reduce colorectal (CRC) cancer disparities in Chinese Americans by increasing CRC cancer screening rates among non-adherent Chinese patients receiving care from Chinese primary care physicians. This study is one of the first to focus on culturally appropriate physician-based interventions to improve Chinese American’s CRC cancer screening behaviors.

Study title: Promoting Adherence to Mammography Use in Chinese Women

The purpose of this project is to evaluate the impact of experimental intervention arms (culturally tailored video vs. non-culturally tailored video vs. brochure alone) on mammography utilization in Chinese women. The key aim here is to examine whether the increased mammography rate in the experimental groups is medicated by changes in cultural views, perceived susceptibility, seriousness, benefits, and/or knowledge.

Study title: A RCT to Promote Mammography adherence among Chinese Immigrant Women (July 2010-December 2014)

This research project aims to identify the most effective approach in increasing adherence to mammography screening and decreasing barriers to screening among Chinese immigrant women.