Claudine Isaacs


Co-Director, Breast Cancer Program
Medical Director, Fisher Center for Hereditary Cancer and Clinical Genomics Research


Breast Cancer


Dr. Claudine Isaacs is a Professor of Medicine and Oncology and the co-Director of the Breast Cancer Program at the Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center (LCCC) at Georgetown University. She is also the Medical Director of the Jess and Mildred Fisher Center for Familial Cancer Research.

Dr. Isaacs has extensive experience in the conduct of clinical trials focusing on all aspects of breast cancer. Additional research interests include cancer risk assessment and medical management and prevention strategies for women at high risk for breast cancer. She has served as the PI of a variety of clinical trials in treatment of early-stage and metastatic breast cancer, and served as the PI of the Cancer Genetics Network site and the PLCO Trial at Georgetown University. She has also served as PI or co-investigator on a number of grants including those examining the role of novel screening or prevention measures in high risk women.

She has authored over 170 peer reviewed publications.