William T Gormley


University Professor of Public Policy
University Professor; Co-Director, Center for Research on Children in the U.S. (CROCUS)


MSPP-Tenure Line Faculty
In the news

In the news

  • 'In Tulsa, a hot spot for early childhood education, the grade is ‘incomplete.’' November 7, 2015, Kansas City Star.
  • 'How parents cope with America's child-care 'crisis''. April 5, 2015, Christian Science Monitor.
  • The Seattle Times. 'Free pre-K: Strong early gains, but long-term questions,' September 23, 2014, Seattle Times
  • "New Legislation Could Bring Universal Preschool to California," March 27, 2014, Southern California Public Radio.
  • "Would Shakespeare have unsheathed his sword to fight against Common Core?" December 26, 2013, FoxNews.com
  • The New York Times references research by William Gormley, professor of public policy, on educational gains from Oklahoma’s model of free access to kindergarten. Oklahoma! Where the Kids Learn Early November 9, 2013, The New York Times
  • "Many studies show that high-quality pre-K programs can improve outcomes for disadvantaged children in the short run and generate favorable returns for taxpayers in the long run." Bill Gormley, professor of public policy, in an op-ed for Education Week on the value of universal preschool. Charting Pre-K's Value for All May 7, 2013, Education Week
  • "Students who participated in the school-based pre-K program in Tulsa are substantially ahead of their peers in every respect: nine months ahead in reading skills, seven months ahead in writing skills, and five months ahead in math skills." Bill Gormley, professor of public policy, on a decade-long study he led that examined Oklahoma pre-K. Oklahoma offers pre-K model for nation May 4, 2013, CBS News
  • NPR's Morning Edition cites professor of public policy Bill Gormley's research on the cognitive benefits of pre-K education. Is The Call For Universal Pre-Kindergarten Warranted? February 18, 2013, NPR
  • "...We do not yet know for sure whether the phenomenal short-term gains from a high-quality preschool program that we have documented in Tulsa will translate into equally phenomenal long-term gains.” Bill Gormley, professor of public policy, on President Obama's State of the Union statement that states that have universal pre-K produce students that are more likely to graduate high school, hold a job and form more stable families. Obama and early childhood education: a rhetorical leap of faith February 15, 2013, The Washington Post
  • “Oklahoma decided that it was a waste of time and money to have a low quality program, so it decided to have high quality programs…which can produce really big improvement in school readiness for a wide range of children." William Gormley, professor of public policy, on how pre-K programs in Tulsa significantly improved young children's pre-math and pre-reading skills. Is Oklahoma the right model for universal pre-K? February 14, 2013, Washington Post
  • “...for the second cohort, who participated in pre-K in 2005-06, after the program had a few years to mature (and K-3 teachers had a chance to ratchet up their classroom pedagogy), we do see persistent effects through grade 3, for math.” Bill Gormley, professor of public policy, on the the time it takes for universal pre-K programs, such as that in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to be perfected. Can Obama Sell Universal Preschool to the GOP? February 14, 2013, The Atlantic Wire
  • The Washington Post cites professor of public policy William Gormley's research on Oklahoma's pre-K state programs to analyze the return on investment of a preschool education. Hey Congress: Pre-K is a better investment than the stock market February 13, 2013, Washington Post
  • "The studies have pretty conclusively shown that a high quality preschool program has really positive consequences for children generally," professor of public policy William Gormley on President Obama's proposal to fund US pre-K programs. President Obama Pushes For Free Preschool February 13, 2013, WUSA9
  • The Huffington Post cites professor of public policy William Gormley's research on Tulsa's pre-K program to advocate for improving early education in the United States. Early Education for All: Are We In or Are We Out? January 22, 2013, The Huffington Post
  • "Our children deserve the very best teachers we can find, whether men or women. We need to be more creative in letting young men know that they should consider teaching as a profession." William Gormley, professor of public policy and co-director of the Center for Research on Children in the U.S. (CROCUS), in his op-ed on why our nation needs more male teachers. What our schools need? A few good men August 14, 2012, USA Today