Doug Mitchell


Adjunct Lecturer
Consultant/Project Manager, NPR


School of Continuing Studies (SCS)
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Doug is a nationally recognized media trainer, project strategist and career coach. Dozens of his former students are now working in various media around the world, many of whom you can hear each day on NPR and public radio stations around the United States. Doug is a former Knight International Press Fellow and William S. Fulbright Scholar to Chile and spent 21.5 years as a producer and director at NPR, where he still consults and leads on diversity-related, hands-on professional development projects. While at NPR, he created and managed a program called "next generation radio" and built NPR's "Intern Edition." Also, he’s co-director of a start-up camp funded by The Ford Foundation to develop current or former media professionals of color into tomorrow's company founders and CEOs. Doug looks to create substantive, progressive media projects from scratch by seeing what works and what doesn't and repeating that process as much as necessary.


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