Diane V Downing


Adjunct Assistant Professor


Department of Professional Nursing Practice


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NURS-241 CBL: Public Health Nursing
  • Spring 2013 Downing, D, Anderko, L, Coleman, S, Huff, J, Spencer, L (file download)
  • Fall 2012 Downing D, Anderko L, Coleman S, Spencer L, Huff J, Trotter J, Ostafin M (file download)
NURS-251 Nursing Care of Vulnerable Populations
  • Fall 2011 Downing, D, Coleman, S, Trotter, J, Fitz-Simons, J, Barrett, S, Ostafin, M (file download)
NURS-253 Nursing Care of Vulnerable Populations
  • Fall 2012 Downing D, Coleman S, Barrett S, Fitz-Siimons, Trotter J (file download)
  • Fall 2011 Downing, D (file download)