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Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies
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Veteran Washington journalist Denise Li (G’86) joined the School of Continuing Studies as associate dean for the Master’s of Professional Studies Journalism Program in October 2009.

Li returned to her alma mater after spending more than 22 years on CBS News' award-winning broadcast Face The Nation – one of the longest-running news programs on television. She served as the program’s associate producer, producer and senior producer.

During her tenure at CBS News Face The Nation, Li managed the editorial and visual content of the broadcast, coordinated the program’s live production needs, increased bookings of exclusive newsmakers and helped Face The Nation score repeated double-digit ratings gains. She also served as a CBS News special events producer, a position that allowed her to cover elections, inaugurations and other major news events.

According to Bob Schieffer, CBS’s chief Washington correspondent and moderator for Face the Nation, “Denise is one of the smartest people in network television."

In addition to her experience in broadcast news, Li spent many years researching and reporting for TIME magazine, where she covered Asia, Europe, the former Soviet Union and Africa.

She also helped launch a successful series for TIME-LIFE Books as the lead reporter for their Library of Nations Series on China and Japan.

Over the years, Li has been active in Washington’s Chinese-American community. She has designed and conducted weekend Chinese language classes for youths and adults in the DC metropolitan area for more than 25 years.

A 1979 graduate of Barnard College, Li earned her master’s degree from Georgetown University in 1986.


  • MA (1986) Georgetown University, Liberal Studies
  • BA (1979) Barnard College, Linguistics


  • Chinese (speak, read, write)