Amir Zeldes


Assistant Professor


Department of Linguistics
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+1 202-687-6139


Office hours

W 3:30-4:30 pm


I am a computational linguist specializing in corpus linguistics. My main area of interest is the syntax-semantics interface, where meaning and knowledge about the world are mapped onto lexical choice and syntactic structure in language-specific ways. I am also very interested in how we learn to be productive in our first, second and subsequent languages, producing utterances and combinations we have never heard before. I believe that very many factors constantly and concurrently influence the choice between competing constructions, which means that we need multifactorial methods in order to understand what it is that we do when we produce and understand language. As part of my research, I have been developing tools for the creation, evaluation and visualization of multilayer corpora containing a variety of structured annotations, including syntactic, semantic and discourse level analyses of corpus texts.

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  • DPhil (2012) Humboldt University of Berlin, General Linguistics
  • Magister Artium (2007) Humboldt University of Berlin & Potsdam University, German, Historical and Computational Linguistics
  • B.A. (2005) Hebrew University of Jerusalem, General Linguistics and Cognitive Science


  • Arabic (speak, read, write)
  • Coptic (read)
  • French (speak, read, write)
  • German (speak, read, write)
  • Greek, Ancient (to 1453) (read)
  • Hebrew (speak, read, write)
  • Italian (read)
  • Japanese (speak, read, write)
  • Polish (read, write)