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In the news

  • "You’re leaving the door open for a deal by not putting up a roadblock that would keep the CEO from doing a deal,” James Angel, professor in the McDonough School of Business, on the willingness of Avon Products Inc. to open its door to potential buyers. Stalling Means Avon May Be Calling On Buyers: Real M&A June 2, 2014, Bloomberg
  • "If the SEC says something, it could jeopardize an investigation. But it's extraordinarily frustrating as an investor," Jim Angel, professor in the McDonough School of Business, on the suspension of six marijuana stocks by the SEC. Marijuana Stock Fans Fuming Mad at Feds for Trading Shutdown May 30, 2014, The Street
  • "Eventually, they figured out where the price was going to open and then they had the opening trade and then the computers took over," James Angel, professor in the McDonough School of Business, on the role of market makers during the LinkedIn IPO. The most important person in Twitter's IPO November 6, 2013, MarketPlace
  • “This is one of the classic signs of a fraud. You can easily manufacture sales with the stroke of a pen, but if you don’t have cash, what you have is a receivable,” James Angel, professor in the McDonough School of Business, on fraud committed by Beijing’s NQ Mobile. Muddy Waters Seen Right on NQ Mobile Payments, Wrong on Cash November 4, 2013, Bloomberg
  • “Anything that makes headlines puts more pressure on the SEC to do something visible about exchange technology,” James Angel, professor in the McDonough School of Business, on recent Nasdaq malfunctions. Another Nasdaq malfunction shuts down options market November 1, 2013, The Washington Post
  • “One of the big challenges is ‘What will the exit look like for investors?’ The secondary market for the crowdfunded shares will be very thin, so it will be hard for investors to exit when they desire. I suspect that additional funding rounds will provide some exit opportunities for firms that do another round of funding,” James Angel, MSB professor, on obstacles to equity crowdfunding. Expert FAQ: What Should Investors Know about Equity Crowdfunding? September 23, 2013, Nerd Wallet
  • "There is a huge overhang of uncertainty for the industry right now. Eventually, the S.E.C. is going to do something. The question is, what will that be?,” James J. Angel, MSB professor, on the short-term market outlook for money funds. Money Funds, Waiting for the Fog to Lift April 6, 2013, The New York Times
  • "Governments don’t like competition in the currency business and if it gets too big they will clamp down. Also, you are trusting algorithms to protect the system, and we all know that technology breaks or gets hacked," James J. Angel, MSB professor, on Bitcoin's long-term viability. Bitcoin bubble grows and grows April 3, 2013, The Financial Times
  • “Retail investors need assurance that it’s a fair game and that the market will treat their trades properly and they are not at a huge disadvantage to the big guy,” James Angel, Associate Professor at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, on the potential retreat of retail investors in the stock market. Facebook’s woes add to fears on Wall Street May 27, 2012, US Equites
  • "A lot of times shoplifting is an inside job"

    James Angel, associate professor of finance, on the rise of employee theft as an indicator that the economy may be on an upswing.

    Shoplifting on the Rise: A Sign of Recovery? June 24, 2011, CNN