Adam M Lifshey


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Department of Spanish and Portuguese
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My interests are broad and comparative in nature. Mostly I teach 20th and 21st century Latin American literature, music and film within global contexts. My research focuses on Asian and African literature in Spanish.

My novel As Green as Paradise was favorably compared in a review to One Hundred Years of Solitude. So that was pretty cool. If you'd like to check out the review, the first half of it is available (in Spanish) at

I also write books that have not been compared to One Hundred Years of Solitude. These include The Magellan Fallacy: Globalization and the Emergence of Asian and African Literature in Spanish, and Specters of Conquest: Indigenous Absence in Transatlantic Literatures.

When possible, I teach and write about music by singer-songwriters such as Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan. Once upon a time I taught Chinese history at a Mexican university. And once upon a time, I helped cover a hostage crisis in Peru for a Japanese newspaper.

This semester I am teaching two undergraduate courses, one on the modern literature, film and music of Mexico and Mexican America, and the other on One Hundred Years of Solitude and Roberto BolaƱo's 2666.

I work in the Program in Comparative Literature as well as the Department of Spanish and Portuguese. I seem to be the only faculty member at Georgetown who focuses on the Philippines. If you know anything about Filipino culture, please feel free to come to my office and teach me. Coffee's on me. Well, on the Spanish department. Um, and it's instant coffee. But do come by.


  • Ph.D. (2003) University of California, Berkeley, Hispanic Languages and Literatures
  • M.A. (1996) University of Virginia, Spanish
  • B.A. (1991) Harvard University, United States History and Literature


  • French (read)
  • Portuguese (read)
  • Spanish (speak, read, write)