Anne Marie Cammisa


Teaching Professor


Department of Government


Dr. Cammisa's primary research interest is in the congressional legislative process. Her first book, "Intergovernmental Lobbying: State and Local Governments in the Federal Arena" examined the role of state and local government interest groups in the passage of federal housing, welfare and child care legislation. It has been excerpted and reprinted in the last several editions of Laurence O’Toole’s Intergovernmental Relations, a reader containing classics on federalism. Her second book, "From Rhetoric to Reform: Welfare Policy in American Politics," was named by Choice Magazine as an “outstanding academic book.” Dr. Cammisa co-authored her third book "Checks and Balances: How a Parliamentary System Could Change American Politics" with Paul Christopher Manuel. She also contributed a chapter to "The Election of the Century and What It Tells Us About the Future of American Politics," co-edited by Stephen Wayne and Clyde Wilcox. In addition, she has done work on women in politics, including a review article in "State Politics and Policy Quarterly" with Beth Reingold. She has also served as a reviewer for several academic journals, including "Politics and Gender," "State Politics," "Policy Quarterly," and "Publius."

Dr. Cammisa is currently revising "From Rhetoric to Reform: Welfare Policy in American Politics," to include developments in welfare policy since the end of the Clinton administration.