Adriana Kugler




Main Campus


Dr. Kugler continues to work on policies that help to boost youth employment. She completed an important paper (NBER WP No. 21138) on the long-term impacts of randomized vocational training on trainee earnings, employment, and schooling decisions of trainees and their relatives. She is also currently conducting a pilot project in Saudi Arabia (funded by EPoD at Harvard), which provides soft skills to students of vocational training colleges. She conducted surveys of employers and employees and found substantial mismatches in soft skills in Saudi Arabia and is looking at the employment and earnings impacts of providing soft skills. Finally, she is conducting a pilot project of disadvantaged youth in Mexico providing nudges to students transitioning from secondary school into the labor market.

She is also working on the impact of various social insurance policies, including unemployment insurance and health insurance. In a recent NBER paper (NBER WP No. 22118), she finds that increased generosity of health insurance in the US over the 1990s and early 2000s led to increased occupational and industrial mobility and that employees switched to occupations and industries which were riskier but also higher paying and higher up in the occupational ladder. In current work, funded by Equitable Growth, she is examining the impact of unemployment insurance on the quality of job matches and earnings of workers.