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Adriana Kugler


Vice-Provost for Faculty


Main Campus


Professor Kugler continues to work on projects related to the impact of trade and other market reforms on firms and workers. One of her papers in this area was awarded the 2010 First Prize for Best Contribution in the area of ā€œGlobalization, Regulations and Developmentā€ from the Global Development Network. Other of her papers in this area of research have recently been published in the Review of Economics and Statistics, Economic Development and Cultural Change and in a book entitled Business Regulation and Economic Performance edited by the World Bank.

She is also working on the evaluation of one of the few randomized trials that have been conducted on the impact of vocational training on the poor in developing countries. She completed an important paper on the impact of vocational training on trainee earnings and employment, and she is currently working on the impacts of training on the labor supply decisions, schooling decisions and health of family members of trainees.

She is also working on the impact of migration on receiving populations. In particular, she has been working on the impact of the arrival of low-skilled immigrants from Central America after Hurricane Mitch on American workers. Some of her work on this area focusing on the impact on Hispanics in the U.S. has been published in a volume on Latinos and the Economy edited by Springer. More recently, she has been examining the impact that evacuee children after Katrina had on children in the receiving schools. This paper was featured in the Houston Chronicle, the San Antonio Express News and the Houston Business Journal.