Amy E Leonard


Associate Professor


Department of History


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HIST-007-17 Intro Early Hist: Europe I
HIST-008-23 Intro Late Hist: Europe II
HIST-099-01 Hist Focus: Early Modern Women
HIST-140-01 Holy Roman Empire
HIST-240-01 The Reformation
HIST-243 History of Ireland I
HIST-330-01 500 Years of Martin Luther
HIST-432-01 Popular Culture E Modern Europ
HIST-434-01 Sex & Celibacy: Premodern Europe
HIST-443-01 Women in Early Mod Europe
HIST-645-01 Early Modern Germany
HIST-744-01 Gender in Early Mod World
IDST-010-09 Ignatius Seminar: Sex & Gender in History and Today