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Vaidya, Chandan
Professor; Chair, Department of Psychology
Vaillancourt, Denise
GUMC Adjunct -- Instructor
Valamotamed, Maziar
Valdivia, Nicolas
Adjunct Lecturer
Vallo, Mia
Vallve, Frederic
Valosik, Vicki
Multimedia and Publications Editor
Van Atta, Richard
Adjunct Professor
Van Dam, Brooke
Faculty Director and Associate Professor of the Practice
Van de Velde, James
Adjunct Professor
Van Dusen, Ann
Senior Advisor; Founding Director, Master in Global Human Development
Van Keuren, Edward
Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies
van Versendaal, Erik
Professorial Lecturer
VanDeWeghe, Meg
Professor of the Practice
Vandruff, Thomas
GUMC Adjunct -- Appointment Pending
VanGenderen, Scott
Vanmeter, John
Director, Medical Center, Associate Professor, Department of Neurology Director, Center for Function; Director, Center for Functional and Molecular Imaging Associate Professor, Dept of Neurology
Vann, Cheryl
Professorial Lecturer
Vasiliou, Christopher
Vasquez del Aguila, Ernesto
Assistant Teaching Professor
Vassiliadou, Sophia
Associate Professor
Vasudevan, Sona
SOM Medical Educator Track -- Professor; Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Adjunct Senior Bioinformatics Scientist, Protein Information Resource (PIR); Director, dual-degree program (MD/MS) in Systems Medicine
Vazquez, Carlos
Professor of Law
Vein, Chris
Velauthapillai, Mahendran
Professor & McBride Family Endowed Chair
Velcoff, Jessica
Assistant Professor
Velez, Elizabeth
Director; Professional Lecturer, Women's Studies Program
Velez, Irene
Teaching ssistant
Velez Bustillo, Eduardo
Adjunct Professor
Vella, Francis
Professor, Chair & Villani Chair in Economics
Vennero, Megan
GUMC Adjunct -- Appointment Pending
Ver Eecke, Wilfried
Verbalis, Joseph
Director, Medical Center, Division Chief, Prof of Medicine, Endocrinology
Verhoeven, Harry
Assistant Professor
Verveer, Melanne
Executive Director of GIWPS
Vetula, Megan
Law Center Non-Ordinary -- Adjunct
Viceconte, Giuditta
Vicini, Stefano
Vickers, Arlene
Adjunct Instructor; Clinical Faculty Advisor
Victor, Jonah
Adjunct Associate Professor
Vieira, Patricia
Associate Professor
Vigilante, Kevin
GUMC Adjunct -- Associate Professor
Villa-Vicencio, Charles
Visiting Associate Professor
Vinayak, Ajeet
SOM Clinician Educator Track -- Assistant Professor
Vinayaka, CR.
Assistant Professor on the Research Track
Vinelli, Andres
Adjunct Professor; Chief Economist and Deputy Director, PCAOB
Violand-Sanchez, Emma
Professorial Lecturer
Visner, Samuel
Adjunct Instructor; Senior Vice President and General Manager, Cybersecurity, ICF International
Viswanathan, Prasanth
SOM Research Track -- Instructor
Vittone, Sarah
Assistant Professor, Staff Physician; Department of Nursing; Consultant-Pellegrino Center for Clinical Bioethics; Research Subject Advocate-GHUCCTS.
Vladeck, David
Co-Director, Law Clinic, Professor of Law
Voeten, Erik
Associate Professor; Peter F. Krogh Associate Professor of Geopolitics and Global Justice, Director of Graduate Studies
Vogt, Tobias
Adjunct Professor
Volk, JoAnn
Research Professor
Vollman, Michael
Adjunct Assistant Professor
von Bose, Carrie
Adjunct Professor; Behavioral economist
von der Goltz, Anna
Associate Professor
Voss, Christopher
Adjunct Professor
Vovides, Yianna
Director of Learning Design and Research and Full Professor of Practice
Vreeland, James
Vroman, Susan
Vrtis, George
Vuckovic, Myriam
NHS Educator Track -- Assistant Professor

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