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Jablonski, Sandra
Assistant Professor on the Research Track; Assistant Professor, Department of Oncology
Jack, Billy
Professor, Main Campus Non-Ordinary -- Adjunct
Jackson, Lena
Capstone Director - SCS Summer and Special Programs
Jackson, Maurice
Associate Professor
Jackson, Vivian
GUMC Adjunct -- Assistant Professor
Jacob, Anjana
Adjunct Assistant Professor at SFS-Qatar; Philosophy
Jacobs, Bette
Jacobson, Mark
Adjunct Associate Professor - Center for Security Studies; Visiting Professor, Academic Year 2017-2018
Jacobstein, Diane
Associate Professor on the Research Track
Jacobwitz, Jeanne
GUMC Adjunct -- Appointment Pending
Jacocks, John
Adjunct Associate Professor
Jaczko, Gregory
Adjunct Professor
Jagger, Jennifer
GUMC Adjunct -- Appointment Pending
Jahn, Gary
GUMC Adjunct -- Assistant Professor
Jain, Prem
McDonough Professor of Accounting & Finance
Jaipaul, Chitra
SOM Clinician Educator Track -- Associate Professor
James, Lourdes
Adjunct Instructor
Jankowsky, Kurt
Emeritus Faculty
Janssens, Peter
Associate Director for Instructional Resources
Jarawan, Eva
NHS Educator Track -- Assistant Professor
Jarris, E. Yumi
Jasinski, Donna
Associate Professor on the Educator Track
Jaworski, Peter
Assistant Teaching Professor
Jayaraman, Uma
SOM Clinician Educator Track -- Assistant Professor
Jebnoun, Noureddine
Adjunct Assistant Professor - Center for Contemporary Arab Studies (CCAS)
Jenkins, Anthony
Adjunct Professor - Justice and Peace Program; Managing Director, International Institute on Peace Education Coordinator, Global Campaign for Peace Education
Jenkins, Keith
Lecturer- SCS MPS Journalism
Jenning, Linda
Lecturer- SCS MPS Journalism Program
Jennings, Victoria
Director, Medical Center, Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Director, Institute fo; Director, Institute for Reproductive Health Principal Investigator, Institute for Reproductive Health Professor, Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology
Jensen, J.
McCrane/Shaker Chair in International Business
Jensen, Joseph
Lecturer - Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies
Jensen, Micah
Assistant Teaching Professor, Main Campus - Instructional Support
Jensen, Roxanne
SOM Research Track -- Assistant Professor
Jesaitis, Lisa
GUMC Adjunct -- Instructor; Nurse practitioner
Jessup, John
GUMC Adjunct -- Professor
Jester Quijada, Jessica
Adjunct Assistant Professor - Master of Science in Foreign Service (MSFS)
Ji, Hong
Associate Professor on the Research Track
Jiang, Xiong
Tenure Line -- Assistant Professor
Jillson, Irene
SOM Research Track -- Associate Professor
Jochum, James
Adjunct Professor - Center for Security Studies (CSS)
Joe, Wesley
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Adjunct Professor - McCourt School of Public Policy, Main Campus Non-Or
John, Hillary
Adjunct Lecturer
Johnson, Amber
Capstone Adviser
Johnson, Anna
Assistant Professor
Johnson, Ashli
Johnson, Brigitte
Johnson, Dana
Adjunct Professor - Center for Security Studies (CSS)
Johnson, David
Adjunct Professor - Center for Security Studies (CSS)
Johnson, Diane
GUMC Adjunct -- Instructor
Johnson, Erica
Adjunct Professor
Johnson, Lynt
SOM Clinician Scholar Track -- Professor
Johnson, Michael
Associate Professor
Johnson, Nicole
Lecturer- SCS MPS Human Resources Program
Johnson, Patrick
Assistant Teaching Professor
Johnson, Rebecca
Adjunct - MSB Faculty (Executive Education)
Johnson, Ronald
Professor Emeritus
Johnson, Sarah
Assistant Professor
Johnson, Steve
Affiliate Lecturer
Johnson, Steven
Adjunct Lecturer- SCS MPS Journalism
Johnson, Ted
Adjunct - MSPP
Johnson, Terrence
Associate Professor
Johnson Cooper, Ebonie
Jones, Gregg
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Jones, Jessica
SOM Medical Educator Track -- Associate Professor
Jones, Jim
Curriculum Adviser- SCS CCPE
Jones, Meg
Assistant Professor
Jones, Patrick
Assistant Teaching Professor
Jones, Wendy
Instructor on the Research Track
Jonklaas, Jacqueline
Associate Professor; Director
Jorabchi, Kaveh
Assistant Professor
Jordan, Emma
Professor of Law
Jorgensen, Timothy
Associate Professor; Director, Health Physics and Radiation Protection Graduate Program Chair, University Radiation Safety Committee
Jose, Pedro
GUMC Adjunct -- Professor; Director, Pediatric Nephrology Research Professor, Departments of Pediatrics and Physiology & Biophysics
Jose, Victor
William and Karen Sonneborn Term Associate Professorships
Joseph, Larry
Professor of the Practice and Faculty Director
Josephs, Julian
Capstone Adviser- SCS MPS Real Estate
Joshi, Shareen
Assistant Professor
Judah, Jon
Lecturer- SCS MPS Public Relations
Judelson, Adam
Adjunct Assistant Professor - Center for Security Studies
Juhl, Hartmut
GUMC Adjunct -- Associate Professor
Jung, Matthew
Affiliate Assistant Professor of Military Science
Jung, Mira
Jung, Mitchell
GUMC Adjunct -- Assistant Professor

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