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Habeeb, Mark
Adjunct Professor - Master of Science in Foreign Service (MSFS)
Haber, Jon
Habyarimana, James
Provost's Distinguished Associate Professor
Haddad, Bassam
Adjunct Assistant Professor - Center for Contemporary Arab Studies (CCAS)
Haddad, Bassem
Tenure Line -- Professor
Haddad, Nadim
SOM Clinician Scholar Track -- Associate Professor
Haddad, Yvonne
Haft, Jeremy
Hagan, Phil
Assistant Professor
Hahm, Jong-In
Associate Professor
Hahn, Bill
Adjunct Professor - Science, Technology and International Affairs; Associate Research Professor, Biology
Hall, Constance
Professor; Chair, Curriculum Committee
Hall, Gillette
Professor in the Practice and Director of Teaching, GHD
Hall, Kenneth
Hall, William
Adjunct Assistant Professor - Department of Government
Halpern, Jonathan
Hamilton, Heidi
Hamilton, Matthew
Program Director (Administrative), Associate Professor
Hamilton, Rebecca
Michael and Robin Psaros Endowed Chair in Business Administration; Marketing Area Coordinator
Hammerschlag, Keren
Assistant Teaching Professor and Researcher
Hannaway, Jane
Hansen, Catherine
Haramati, Aviad
Professor, Director, CENTILE
Haramati, Aviad
Professor; Professor, Department of Physiology & Biophysics Director, Education in the Departments of Physiology & Biophysics and Medicine
Harazduk, Nancy
Assistant Professor on the Medical Educator Track
Harb, Imad
Harbert, Benjamin
Assistant Professor, Music
Harding, Edward
Lecturer- SCS MPS Real Estate
Hare, Forrest
Harkins, Mark
Senior Fellow
Harley, Earl
SOM Clinician Educator Track -- Professor
Harold, Scott
Adjunct Assistant Professor - Center for Security Studies (CSS)
Harrell, Paula
Instructor - Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies
Harris, Barbara
Adjunct Instructor
Harris, Brent
Associate Professor; Director of Neuropathology
Harris, David
Emeritus Faculty
Harris, Matthew
Professor - Clinician
Harrison, Emmett
Lecturer- SCS MPS Public Relations
Harrison, Ross
Adjunct Professor - Landegger Program in International Business Diplomacy (IBD); Professor in the Practice of International Affairs Chair, International Commerce and Business
Harsanyi, Fruzsina
Harter, K
SOM Clinician Educator Track -- Associate Professor
Hartley, David
GUMC Adjunct -- Appointment Pending
Hartmann, Dan-Paul
Adjunct Professor
Hasnas, John
Hass, Giselle
Law Center Non-Ordinary -- Adjunct; Forensic Psychologist
Haught, John
Emeritus Faculty; Distinguished Research Professor Theology Dept. Georgetown University Washington DC 20057
Hauser, Gabriel
SOM Clinician Scholar Track -- Professor
Havrilak, Gregory
Assistant Teaching Professor; Dr.
Hayashi, Arthur
SOM Clinician Educator Track -- Assistant Professor
Hayes, Margaret
Adjunct Professor - Center for Security Studies (CSS)
Hayes, Robert
Instructor - Department of Performing Arts
Hayman, Eric
Affiliate Lecturer
Haynie, Robert
He, Aiwu
SOM Research Track -- Associate Professor
Healy, Brian
Healy, Kevin
Adjunct Professor - Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS)
Healy, Matthew
Affiliate Lecturer
Heck, Paul
Heenan, David
Heim, Matthew
Heino, Becky
Adjunct Professor - MSB Faculty (Executive Education)
Heinzerling, Lisa
Professor of Law
Heitzler, Ella
NHS Educator Track -- Assistant Professor
Hemelt, James
Adjunct Professor - MSB Faculty
Hempling, Scott
Henderson, Fraser
GUMC Adjunct -- Professor
Hendrix, Jerry
Adjunct Professor - Center for Security Studies (CSS)
Hennessy, Erin
Lecturer- SCS MPS Public Relations
Henning, Kristin
Co-Director, Law Clinic, Associate Professor
Hensley, Nathan
Tenure Line -- Assistant Professor; Co-organizer, Modernities Working Group
Hentges, Harriet
Adjunct Assistant Professor - Master of Science in Foreign Service (MSFS)
Hentz, Otto
Associate Professor
Herburger, Elena
Associate Professor;
Herlihy, Mark
Law Center Non-Ordinary -- Adjunct
Hermel, Philippe
Research Professor
Hernandez, Yvonne
Associate Professor on the Medical Educator Track
Herr, Andrew
Adjunct Assistant Professor - Center for Security Studies (CSS); CEO, Helicase CEO, Mind Plus Matter
Herrin, Joe
Lecturer- CLED EFL
Hershman, James
Lecturer - Graduate Liberal Studies Program
Hess, Frederick
Faculty Director of the Certificate in Educational Leadership
Hester, Worth
Hetchkop, Michael
Hewitt, Christopher
Adjunct Professor - CSS
Heyman, David
Hickey, Michael
Assistant Teaching Professor
Hicks, Daniel
SOM Clinician Educator Track -- Associate Professor
Higuchi, Toshihiro
Assistant Professor; Assistant Professor
Hilakivi-Clarke, Leena
Hilary, Gilles
Professor; Houston Term Professor
Hill, Brendan
Associate Dean for Students; History
Hill, Carolyn
Associate Professor
Hill, Michael
Affiliate Lecturer
Hill, Susan
Hilton, Alison
Wright Family Professor of Art History; Director, Art and Museum Studies M.A Program
Hinkson, Leslie
Assistant Professor
Hipwell, Louise
Associate Teaching Professor
Hirsh, John
Law Center Non-Ordinary -- Adjunct, Professor
Hisnanick, John
Adjunct Professor
Ho, George
Lecturer- SCS MPS Human Resources Management
Hoadley, Jack
Research Professor
Hochman, Brian
Assistant Professor
Hock, Rudolph
Lecturer - Graduate Liberal Studies Program
Hoell, Jacqueline
Affiliate Faculty
Hoffman, Adonis
Adjunct Faculty - Communication, Culture, and Technology (CCT)
Hoffman, Bruce
Professor and Director
Hoffman, Craig
Director, Legal Research and Writing, Professor of Law
Hoge, Elizabeth
Associate Professor
Holahan, Jane
Director, Academic Resource Center
Holland, Judith
Adjunct Lecturer
Hollenbach, David
Pedro Arrupe Distinguished Research Professor
Hollingsworth, Jill
Science Reference Librarian; Bibliographer for computer science, environmental studies, mathematics & statistics, general science, and science history
Holman, Travis
Associate Professor
Holmes, H
Adjunct Professor - Faculty - SFS
Holst, Bradley
Adjunct Professor
Holt, Katrina
Research Professor of the Practice
Holt, Richard
Adjunct Professor
Holtom, Brooks
Holzer, Harry
John LaFarge Jr. SJ Professor of Public Policy
Homa, Ken
Professor of the Practice
Homa, Scott
Hong, Jack
GUMC Adjunct -- Appointment Pending
Hooper, J. Leon
Head, Woodstock Library; Director, Woodstock Theological Center Library
Hopkinson, Natalie
Adjunct Lecturer
Horak, Bernard
Professor on the Educator Track
Horen, Neal
Instructor on the Research Track
Horner, Scott
Lecturer- SCS MPS Sports Industry Management
Horowitz, Linda
Horowitz, Yuri
Lecturer- SCS MPS Hospitality Management
Horvath, Catherine
Instructor on the Clinician Educator Track
Hou, Zhaoyang
Assistant Professor at SFS-Qatar
Howard, Darlene
Professor; Davis Family Distinguished Professor
Howard, Douglas
Affiliate; Adjunct Associate Professor of Geosciences
Howard, Hall
Associate Dean, Main Campus Non-Ordinary -- Adjunct
Howard, James
GUMC Adjunct -- Professor; Professor
Howard, Lise
Associate Professor; Field Chair, International Relations
Howard, Marc
Professor; Director, Prisons and Justice Initiative
Howe, Herbert
Lecturer - Graduate Liberal Studies Program; Government
Howell, Charisma
Law Center Non-Ordinary -- Adjunct, Capstone Director-SCS Summer and Special Programs
Howell, Fanning
Adjunct Lecturer - Continuing and Professional Education
Hrebenak, Keith
Adjunct Professor - Faculty - SFS, …
Hsiao, Juei-Chen
Assistant Teaching Professor
Hsu, Becky
Assistant Professor
Hua, Jian
Huang, Hongzhan
GUMC Adjunct -- Assistant Professor
Huang, Jeffrey
Tenure Line -- Assistant Professor
Huang, Lihong
Assistant Teaching Professor
Huang, Sean
Tenure Line -- Assistant Professor
Huder, Joshua
Senior Fellow
Hudgins, Chris
Capstone Advisor
Huebner, Bryce
Associate Professor
Huey, Sally
Huff, Julie
Adjunct Instructor
Huff, Karen
SOM Clinician Track -- Instructor
Huffman, Robert
Adjunct Professor
Huggett, Mark
Huggins, Caitlin
Hugill, Andrea
Hume, Cameron
Adjunct Assistant Professor - Master of Science in Foreign Service (MSFS)
Hunt, James
Adjunct Professor - MSB Faculty; Adjunct Professor
Hunt, Jennifer
Associate Dean of Admissions
Hunter, Amy
Assistant Professor
Hunter, Nan
Professor of Law
Hunter, Shireen
Research Professor, ACMCU
Hurley, Carolyn
Professor; Professor, Departments of Oncology and Microbiology & Immunology; Research Director, CW Bill Young Marrow Donor Recruitment and Research Program
Hussain, Touqir
Adjunct Professor - Asian Studies Program (ASP)
Hussey, Sandy
Bibliographic Instruction Librarian
Hutchison, Scott
Assistant Professor of the Practice
Hutton, Katherine
Class Coordinator
Hwang, Jimmy
SOM Clinician Educator Track -- Associate Professor
Hwang, Shufen
Hyams, L.
Affiliate Faculty; Academic Technical Specialist
Hyduke, Daniel
GUMC Adjunct -- Assistant Professor

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