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Faden, Alan
Adjunct Professor
Fagen, Patricia
Senior Associate
Fahrenkrug, David
Adjunct Associate Professor.
Fair, Christine
Assistant Professor
Fairfield, Patricia
Associate Professor
Falgoust, J. Michael
Fallani, Tina
Fall-Dickson, Jane
Associate Professor & Assistant Chair, Research
Fan, Haitao
Fan, Saijun
Adjunct Associate Professor
Fang, Hongbin
Tenure Line -- Associate Professor
Fanning, Michael
Benefits Services Officer / Adjunct Lecturer, Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies.
Farha, Mark
Assistant Professor at SFS-Qatar; Government
Farina, Laura
Farley, Cindy
Associate Professor
Farley, Jean
NHS Educator Track -- Assistant Professor
Farr, Thomas
Director, Religious Freedom Project & Visiting Associate Professor
Farris, Max
Research Fellow
Fasold, Ralph
Professor Emeritus
Faul, LeighAnne
Assistant Professor on the Research Track; Assistant Research Professor
Faulkner, Omari
Fauntleroy, Carma
Senior Director of Corporate & Foundation Relations, Lecturer, Lecturer
Fazza, Hany
Arabic Instructor at SFS-Qatar; Arabic
Feder, Judith
Federoff, Howard
Executive Vice President for Health Sciences; Executive Dean, School of Medicine
Fedorova, Lioudmila
Associate Professor
Fedyashin, Anton
HKLC Parent
Fee, Sharon
GUMC Adjunct -- Appointment Pending
Feigen, Philip
Law Center Non-Ordinary -- Adjunct
Feinerman, James
Law Center Non-Ordinary -- Adjunct, Co-Director, Law Institute/Center, Professor of Law; James M. Morita Professor of Asian Legal Studies Director, Asian Law and Policy Studies
Feinman, Barbara
Lecturer, Director of Journalism Program
Feit, Benjamin
Adjunct Assistant Professor; Senior Manager, Deloitte Consulting
Felder, Wilson
Affiliate Adjunct Lecturer
Feldman, Carole
Feldman, Heidi
Professor of Law
Ferdows, Kasra
Heisley Family Chair of Global Manufacturing, Support
Ferguson, Anne
Adjunct Instructor
Fernandez, Nicole
Adjunct Faculty
Ferreira, Michael
Associate Professor; Director of Graduate Studies
Ferris, Elizabeth
Adjunct Professor
Ferris, George
Adjunct Professor
Ferry, Benjamin
Adjunct Lecturer
Fiandaca, Massimo
SOM Research Track -- Associate Professor; Departments of Neurology and Neuroscience Co-Director, Biomarker Laboratory and Biorepository (BLaB)
Fichtner, Jason
Main Campus - Instructional Support
Fiddler, Robert
Adjunct Lecturer
Field, Charles
Fields, Stephen
Associate Professor
Finch, Greg
Affiliate Faculty
Fine, Amy
Adjunct Professor
Fineberg, Phyllis
Assistant Professor and Director
Fineman, Jeremy
Tenure Line -- Assistant Professor
Fink, Jennifer
Associate Professor
Fink, Stefan
Emeritus Faculty
Finnerty, William
Adjunct Professor
Firestone, Adam
Firschein, Joseph
Lecturer, Adjunct Lecturer
Fischbach, Rahel
FitzGerald, Kevin
Associate Professor on the Research Track; David Lauler Chair for Catholic Health Care Ethics
Fitzgerald, Michael
Teaching Professor
Flanagan, Todd
Fleming, Anne
Tenure Line -- Associate Professor
Fleming, Christina
GUMC Adjunct -- Appointment Pending
Fleming, Matthew
Adjunct Professor
Fleming, Scott
Associate Vice President for Federal Relations
Flynn, Carol
Foley, Sean
Fontaine, Jocelyn
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Fonzi, William
Foose, Laura
Adjunct Associate Professor
Force, Erin
Assistant Dean
Forcelli, Patrick
SOM Research Track -- Appointment Pending
Forché, Carolyn
Ford, Carl
Professorial Lecturer
Fornace, Albert
Professor; Molecular Cancer Research Chair at Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center; Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular & Cellular Biology, and Dept. of Oncology
Foss, Clive
Foster, C. Allen
Foukara, Abderrahim
Fox, Jennifer
Laboratory Assistant Professor
Fox, Pamela
Francis, Carl
Francomano, Emily
Associate Professor, …
Frank, Abe
Frankel, Ira
Adjunct Lecturer
Frederick, Brian
Freed, Joel
Adjunct Professor
Freedman, Matthew
GUMC Adjunct -- Appointment Pending
Freeman, Alexa
Law Center Non-Ordinary -- Professor
Freeman, Scott
Adjunct Instructor
Freericks, James
Professor; Robert L. McDevitt, K.S.G., K.C.H.S. and Catherine H. McDevitt, L.C.H.S. Chair; Visiting Scientist, National Institute for Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD.
Fricke, Stanley
GUMC Adjunct -- Associate Professor; Research Associate Professor
Frieder, Ophir
Robert L. McDevitt, K.S.G., K.C.H.S. and Catherine H. McDevitt, L.C.H.S. Professor in Computer Scien
Friedland, Robert
Associate Professor on the Research Track; Department of Health Systems Administration
Friedman, Brian
Friedman, Bruce
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Friedman, Joel
Visiting Associate Professor of Music
Friedman, Peter
Law Center Non-Ordinary -- Adjunct
Friedman, Rhonda
Director, Medical Center, Professor of Neurology Director, Center for Aphasia Research and Rehabilit; Professor, Department of Neurology VP, University Faculty Senate
Frisvold, Melissa
GUMC Adjunct -- Appointment Pending
Frost, Holly
Fruechting, Pamela
GUMC Adjunct -- Appointment Pending
Fu, Zhenghong (Alex)
Tenure Line -- Associate Professor
Fugh-Berman, Adriane
Associate Professor on the Medical Educator Track
Fuisz, Lisbeth
Fullmer, Elliott
Affiliate Lecturer
Fulton Wu, Rebekah
SOM Clinician Educator Track -- Assistant Professor
Furlong, Mary
SOM Medical Educator Track -- Professor
Furth, PA
Associate Dean, Medical Center, Professor, Departments of Oncology and Medicine; Professor, Departments of Oncology and Medicine

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