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Cabaleiro Cerviño, Goretti
Cachan, Jeannette
Instructor on the Research Track
Cady, Debra
GUMC Adjunct -- Assistant Professor
Caggins, Myles
Alumni Instructor
Calderone, Richard
Professor, Department Chair - Microbiology
Callen, Michael
Callinan, Ellen
Adjunct Professor; Adjunct Professor
Calvert, Sandra
Professor; Director, Children's Digital Media Center
Camarillo, Gabe
Adjunct Professor
Cameron, Donna
Associate Professor on the Medical Educator Track; Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Nursing & Health Studies
Cammisa, Anne
Visiting Professor and Associate Director of the MA in American Government
Campbell, Angela
Co-Director, Law Clinic, Professor of Law
Campbell, David
Adjunct Professor; Adjunct Professor
Campion, Corey
Campos, Hector
Associate Professor
Campos-Siddique, Iane
Adjunct Instructor
Camus-Oyarzun, Pablo
Canlas, Marlene
Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Programs
Cannon, Catherine
Class Coordinator
Cantalupo, Nancy
Law Center Non-Ordinary -- Adjunct
Canter, Michael
Interim Director of Academic Operations
Cantor, Guillermo
Adjunct Professor
Canzoneri, Matthew
Cao, Dan
Assistant Professor
Caraballo, David
Associate Professor
Carafano, James
Adjunct Professor
Carey, Mex
Assistant Athletics Director for Communications, ..
Carlson, Kurt
Associate Professor; Director, Georgetown Institute for Consumer Research. Co-Director, McDonough School of Business Behavior Research Lab
Carnaroli, Giovanni
Curriculum Advisor
Carnes, Matthew
Assistant Professor
Carnevale, Anthony
Research Professor; Director of the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce
Carney, Elissa
Post Doctoral Fellow -- Medical Center, Adjunct Instructor
Caro, Luisa
Carpenter, Stephen
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Carr, Bob
NHS Educator Track -- Associate Professor
Carr, Kelly
Adjunct Lecturer
Carroll, John
SOM Clinician Scholar Track -- Assistant Professor
Carroll, Melika
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Carroll, Thomas
Adjunct Instructor
Carruth, Reba
Adjunct Professor; Adjunct Professor Fulbright Specialist
Carse, Alisa
Associate Professor; Faculty Affiliate, Kennedy Institute of Ethics
Carter, Karen
Carver, Priscilla
Affiliated Assistant Professor
Casanova, Jose
Casey, John
Associate Professor; Program Director, Global Infectious Diseases
Cashin, Sheryll
Professor of Law
Caspary, Georg
Affiliate Adjunct Assistant Professor
Casserly, Charles
Adjunct Professor
Caulfield, Eileen
Cautis, Dan
Associate Vice President - Director IT Infrastructure & Operations
Cavalli, Luciane
Assistant Professor
Cavanaugh, Doreen
Research Professor
Cedrone, Michael
Law Center Non-Ordinary -- Adjunct, Associate Professor of Legal Research & Writing
Celenza, Anna
Thomas E. Caestecker Professor of Music
Cerna, Christina
Cesari Botman, Jocelyne
Visiting Associate Professor and Senior Fellow in the Berkley Center
Cha, Victor
Professor; D.S. Song-KF Endowed Chair in Goverment and International Affairs, and Director of Georgetown's National Resource Center for Asian Studies
Chakravarty, Anupam
Senior Manager, Interactive & Multimedia
Chalian, David
Chambers, Bettye
Adjunct Lecturer
Champion, Terrel
Chamseddine, Abdul Rahman
Arabic Instructor at SFS-Qatar; Arabic
Chan, Wai-Yee
GUMC Adjunct -- Professor
Chandler, Kate
Assistant Professor
Chaney, Jennifer
Adjunct Lecturer
Chang, Der-Chen
Prof / Special Asst to Provost, China Initiatives
Chang, Esther
Chaplin, Lisa
NHS Educator Track -- Assistant Professor
Chapman, George
Charabaty, Aline
Associate Professor
Charles, Peter
Professor, Sculpture and Design
Chasovskikh, Sergey
Assistant Professor on the Research Track
Chatelain, Marcia
Assistant Professor
Chatterji, Dev
Adjunct Assistant Professor; Clinical Pharmacist, Internal Medicine
Chaudhury, Nazmul
Adjunct Affiliate
Chauncey, Lesley
Adjunct Instructor
Cheema, Amrita
Associate Professor & Co-Director-PMSR; Director of Operations (Proteomics and Metabolomics Shared Resource
Chehak, Molly
Chen, Roderick
Adjunct Instructor
Chen, Rusan
Senior Statistician, Main Campus Non-Ordinary -- Adjunct
Chen, Wylie
Chentsova Dutton, Yulia
Associate Professor
Chepko, Gloria
GUMC Adjunct -- Assistant Professor
Chernick, Marc
Visiting Associate Professor and Director, CLAS
Cherniss, Joshua
Assistant Professor
Chertoff, Meryl
Adjunct Professor
Cheson, Bruce
SOM Clinician Scholar Track -- Professor
Cheung, Ivan
Adjunct Professor
Cheverie, Joan
Chiarolanzio, Thomas
Senior Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs
Chirikjian, Jack
Chittum, Randy
Cho, Francisca
Associate Professor
Cho, Jinsun
Accompanist, Chamber Singers & Concert Choir
Choi, Min Koo
Visiting Assistant Professor
Choi, Rebecca
Choudhary, Preeti
Assistant Professor
Chowdhury, Anirvan
Main Campus - Instructional Support
Chrifi Alaoui, Fatima Zahrae
Main Campus Assigned Relationship
Christian, John
Adjunct Professor
Christiansen, Drew
Distinguished Professor of Ethics and Human Development
Christopher, Emerald
Professorial Lecturer
Chun, SoYeon
Assistant Professor
Chung, Fung-Lung
Professor; Principal Investigator
Ciabattoni, Francesco
Associate Professor
Ciani-Dausch, Jessica
Assistant Dean
Cicali, Gianni
Associate Professor
Cichello, Michael
Teaching Professor
Ciddi, Sinan
Visiting Assistant Professor and Director of the Institute for Turkish Studies
Cihlar, Ronald
Cima, Gay
Cima, Gibson
Cirincione, Joseph
Adjunct Professor; President, Ploughshares Fund
Cisney, Charles
Adjunct Lecturer
Clare, Teresa
Adjunct Instructor
Clark, Barbara
GUMC Adjunct -- Appointment Pending
Clarke, Robert
Dean for Research, GUMC, Professor of Oncology; Professor, Department of Oncology Co-Director, Breast Cancer Program
Clegg, Limin
GUMC Adjunct -- Professor
Clement, Stephen
SOM Clinician Scholar Track -- Associate Professor; Associate Professor, Department of Medicine Interim Chief, Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism
Clements, Nicholas
Clemons, Shelva
Cline, Erin
Associate Professor
Cline, Mary
Adjunct Associate Professor
Cline, Ruth
Affiliate Research Associate
Cloke, Hubert
Senior Associate Dean (Retired); Professorial Lecturer in Department of English
Cloonan, Patricia
Interim Dean & Associate Professor, School of Nursing & Health Studies
Coate, Thomas
Assistant Professor
Cobb, Nathan
SOM Clinician Scholar Track -- Assistant Professor; Adjunct Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Cocilovi, Costanza
GUMC Adjunct -- Assistant Professor
Codelka, Maureen
Adjunct Music Director
Cohen, Ashley
Assistant Professor
Cohen, Julie
Professor of Law
Cohen, Meg
Program Director, MPS in Public Relations and Corporate Communications
Cohen, Philip
SOM Clinician Educator Track -- Associate Professor
Cohen, Raphael
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Cohen, Stephen
Professor of Law
Cohen-Scali, Stella
Visiting Assistant Professor
Cohn, Sherman
Law Center Non-Ordinary -- Adjunct, Professor of Law
Coker-Appiah, Dionne
Assistant Professor; Assistant Professor, Psychiatry
Colbert, Soyica
Associate Professor; Associate Professor
Colcher, Kathryn
Adjunct Instructor
Cole, David
Professor of Law
Cole, Kelly
Cole, Marilee
SOM Clinician Educator Track -- Professor; Director of Tropical Medicine Elective
Cole, Michael
Coleman, Susan
Adjunct Instructor
Colla, Elliott
Associate Professor and Department Chair
Collins, Brian
SOM Clinician Educator Track -- Assistant Professor
Collins, David
Associate Professor and Director of Doctoral Studies; Jesuit Father
Collins, James
Collins, Joseph
Adjunct Professor
Collins, Michael
Visiting Professor in the Department of English
Collins, Michael
Adjunct Lecturer
Collins, Robert
Collins, Sean
SOM Clinician Scholar Track -- Associate Professor
Collmann, Jeffrey
Professor on the Research Track; Center for Disease Prevention and Health Outcomes
Colomer, Josep
.. Adjunct Professor
Colon, Angel
Adjunct Professor
Colon-Kolacko, Rosa
Affiliate Lecturer
Comen, Deven
Assistant Director
Comer, George
Associate Professor
Compton, Peggy
Professor & Associate Dean for Research, Evaluation and Graduate Programs
Conant, Katherine
Associate Professor on the Research Track
Connelly, Ross
Adjunct Assistant Professr
Connor-Linton, Jeff
Associate Professor and Senior Associate Dean of Strategic Planning for Georgetown College
Conway, Lynn
University Archivist
Conway, Marty
Cook, Anthony
Professor of Law
Cook, Bernard
Associate Dean; Director, Film and Media Studies
Cook, Deborah
Associate University Librarian for User Services & Engagement
Cook, Joan
Professorial Lecturer
Cook, Thomas
GUMC Adjunct -- Appointment Pending
Cooke, Thomas
Distinguished Teaching Professor; Distinguished Teaching Professor
Coons, Barbara
Adjunct Lecturer
Coons, Barbara
Adjunct Lecturer
Cooper, Jennifer
GUMC Adjunct -- Instructor; Public Health Nursing Course Coordinator
Cooper, Paul
Copacino, John
Director, Law Clinic, Professor of Law
Corcoran, John
Corcoran, Monica
Coriale, David
Corlette, Sabrina
Research Professor
Cornaggia, Jess
Assistant Professor
Cornejo, Francisco
Adjunct Instructor
Cornick, Carter
Adjunct Lecturer
Correia, Tricia
Bank of America Fellow
Corrigan, Maureen
Lecturer and Critic in Residence
Corrington Meloy, Mary
Affiliate Researcher Fellow
Corso, John
Adjunct Lecturer
Coster, Laura
SOM Clinician Educator Track -- Assistant Professor
Cote Jr., Paul
Adjunct Professor, GUMC Adjunct -- Appointment Pending; Research Professor of Microbiology and Immunology, and Professorial Lecturer in Biology
Cottrell, Damon
Adjunct Instructor
Cox, Todd
SOM Clinician Scholar Track -- Assistant Professor; Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
Cragin, Rebekah
Main Campus Non-Ordinary -- Adjunct
Creighton, Francis
Affiliated Assistant Professor
Creswell, Karen
Assistant Professor on the Research Track
Crist, John
Director of Research - SFS-Qatar; Co-Coordinator, Zones of Peace, Zones of Conflict Program Government
Crocker, Chester
James R. Schlesinger Professor of Strategic Studies
Cronin, Richard
Sr. Assoc. Dean for Admin. & Sr. Business Manager
Cronin, Thomas
Adjunct Professor
Crooke, Elliott
Professor, Sr. Associate Dean, Medical Center, Department Chair - Biochemistry; Professor and Chair, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular & Cellular Biology; Senior Associate Dean, Faculty and Academic Affairs
Crowley, Jeffrey
Program Director, National HIV/AIDS Initiative, and Distinguished Scholar, Law Center Non-Ordinary -; Research Instructor
Crystal, David
Associate Professor
Cuesta, Jose
Affiliate; Affiliated Professor
Cui, Shiliang
Assistant Professor
Culbertson, Amy
Assistant Professor
Cullen, Dennis
SOM Clinician Educator Track -- Assistant Professor
Cumberlander, Wanda
Assistant Dean for Student and Faculty Success, Division of Applied Management
Cumby, Robert
Cunningham, Doreen
Research Assistant Professor
Cunningham, Joe
Assistant Professor
Cunningham, Joe
Assistant Professor
Cunningham, Joe
Assistant Professor
Cunningham, Mary
Cupples, Howard
SOM Clinician Scholar Track -- Professor
Cupps, Thomas
Professor; Chief, Division of Rheumatology, Immunology & Allergy
Currie, John
Professor; Director of Georgetown Advanced Electronics Laboratory, GAEL Director of GAEL Health Microsystems Research Group Visiting Scientist, Resuscitative Medicine, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Silver Spring MD
Curry, Maggie
GUMC Adjunct -- Instructor
Curry, Richard
Adjunct Professor
Curtis, Alyson
Visiting Assistant Professor of the Practice
Curzan, Myron
Affiliate Capstone Adviser
Cusano, David
Senior Research Fellow
Cushman, Chuck
Adjunct; Senior Fellow Government Affairs Institute
Cusick, Ken
Cypher, Matthew
Professor of the Practice and Director of the Real Estate Initiative
Czinkota, Michael
Associate Professor

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