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Aapengnuo, Clement
Affiliate; Fr.
Aas, Sean
Assistant Professor
Abboud, Farid
Adjunct Professor
Abdelfattah, Heba
Adjunct Instructor - Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies
Abdelkader, Engy
Senior Fellow
Abdillahi, Safia
Adjunct Instructor, GUMC Adjunct -- Instructor
Abellera, Brian
Lecturer- SCS MPS Technology Management Program
Abernathy, Charles
Professor of Law
Abi-Mershed, Osama
Associate Professor; History-Middle East and North Africa. Director; Center for Contemporary Arab Studies (CCAS)
Abrams, Elliott
Abramson, David
Adjunct Assistant Professor - Center for Eurasian, Russian and East European Studies (CERES)
Abu-Odeh, Lama
Professor of Law
Abusharaf, Rogaia
Professor; Anthropology
Acres, Alfred
Chair and Associate Professor, Art History, Renaissance
Adams, Alayne
Tenure Line -- Associate Professor
Adams, Jill
Senior Research Fellow
Adams-Campbell, Lucile
Associate Director, Minority Health & Health Disparities Research, Professor of Oncology
Addison, Ridgeway
GUMC Adjunct Assistant Professor, GUMC Adjunct -- Assistant Professor
Addison, Ridgeway
Chaplain-In-Residence; Doctoral Candidate - Religious Studies, Catholic University of America; Adjunct Professor of Religious Studies, Marymount University
Adely, Fida
Associate Professor; Clovis and Hala Salaam Maksoud Chair in Arab Studies
Aden, Anne
Adrian, Allyson
Adjunct Professor - MSB Exec Ed Faculty
Agarwal, Ashok
Capstone Adviser
Agarwal, Seema
Associate Professor
Agarwal, Sumit
Aggarwal, Reena
Vice Provost for Faculty and Professor in the McDonough School of Business; Robert E. McDonough Professor of Business Administration and Professor of Finance; Director, Georgetown Center for Financial Markets and Policy Twitter: @ProfAggarwal @GUFinPolicy
Agosti, Alexander
Lecturer- SCS MPS Project Management Program
Agoston, Gabor
Associate Professor
Agrawal, Vishal
Associate Professor
Ahern, Gerard
Associate Professor
Ahern, Stephanie
Adjunct Associate Professor - Master of Science in Foreign Service (MSFS)
Ahmad, Syed
GUMC Adjunct -- Assistant Professor
Ahn, Christopher
Ahn, Jaeil
Tenure Line -- Assistant Professor
Ahn, Sandy
Associate Research Professor
Aiken, Jane
Director, Law Clinic, Professor of Law
Aisen, Paul
GUMC Adjunct -- Professor
Akerlof, George
Univeristy Professor, McCourt School of Public Policy
Akinade, Akintunde
Professor at SFS-Qatar, Main Campus Non-Ordinary -- Adjunct; Theology
Aksakal, Mustafa
Associate Professor of History and Nesuhi Ertegun Chair of Modern Turkish Studies
al-Anani, Khalil
Al-Arian, Abdullah
Assistant Professor at SFS-Qatar; History
Al-Ashiri, Mahmoud
Associate Professor at SFS-Qatar; Arabic
Albanese, Christopher
Tenure Line -- Professor; Professor
Albrecht, James
Albright, Madeleine
Michael and Virginia Mortara Distinguished Professor of Diplomacy
Alexander, Dameon
Adjunct Professor - Department of Sociology
Alexander, LaJuan
Alfonso, Tania
Adjunct Lecturer
Ali, Ibrahim
Lecturer - SCS Summer and Special Programs
Ali, Sultana
Lecturer- SCS MPS Public Relations
Ali, Syed
Adjunct Assistant Professor - Center for Security Studies
Alker, Joan
Research Professor
Alkin, Joshua
Lecturer- SCS MPS Sports Industry Management
Allen, Desmond
Allen, James
Adjunct Professor - Center for Security Studies (CSS)
Allen, Matthew
Lecturer- SCS MPS Human Resources Program
Allen, Ted
Lecturer- SCS MPS Global Strategic Communications Program
Allsopp, Hilary
Allyn, Elizabeth
Adjunct Instructor
Almeida, Paul
Professor; Professor of Strategy and International Business, Deputy Dean for Executive Education and Innovation
Almond, Ian
Professor at SFS-Qatar; English
Al-Mufti, Huda
Assistant Teaching Professor
Alonso Saenz De Oger, Sonia
Associate Professor; Government
Alqassas, Ahmad
Assistant Professor at SFS-Qatar; Arabic Linguistics
Altman, Michael
Adjunct Lecturer- SCS MPS Global Hospitality Management Program
Al-Tonsi, Abbas
Senior Lecturer at SFS-Qatar, Main Campus Non-Ordinary -- Adjunct; Arabic
Altscher, Judy
Adjunct Lecturer- SCS MPS Journalism
Alzayat, Wael
Adjunct Assistant Professor - Master of Science in Foreign Service (MSFS)
Ambro, Thomas
Adjunct Assistant Proferssor - Department of Performing Arts
Ambrosio, Frank
Associate Professor
America, Richard
Main Campus Assigned Relationship
Amri, Hakima
SOM Medical Educator Track -- Professor; Co-Director, CAM Graduate Program
Amster, Randall
Program Director and Teaching Professor
AndaƧ-Jones, Elif
Adjunct Professor - Summer and Special Programs
Anderko, Laura
Robert and Kathleen Scanlon Endowed Chair in Values Based Health Care, Director of the Mid-Atlantic
Anderlini, Luca
Andersen, Rebecca
Lecturer- SCS MPS Public Relations Program
Anderson, Axel
Associate Professor
Anderson, Eric
Anderson, Jeffrey
Graf Goltz Prof and Director
Anderson, Jennifer
GUMC Adjunct -- Instructor
Anderson, Jock
Adjunct Professor - Global Human Development
Anderson, Kelley
Associate Professor on the Educator Track
Anderson, Kirsten
Teaching Professor
Anderson, Mark
Adjunct Lecturer - SCS Summer and Special Programs
Andrade, Amandine
Assistant Teaching Professor; Visiting Assistant Professor
Andres, Michelle
Adjunct Lecturer
Andretta, Elizabeth
Emeritus Associate Dean; Anthropology
Andrews, Peter
Andrews, William
Adjunct Professor - Center for Security Studies (CSS)
Angel, James
Associate Professor
Angerio, Allan
Emeritus Faculty; Professor Emeritus
Anthony, Bruno
Professor on the Research Track; Deputy Director, Center for Child and Human Development Vice Chair, Department of Pediatrics
Anthony, Leandre
Lecturer- SCS MPS Sports Industry Management
Antonelli, Angela
Executive Director
Antoniades, Alexis
Associate Professor at SFS-Qatar; Economics
Apostolos-Cappadona, Diane
Professor of the Practice and Director of Catholic Studies; Haub Director of Catholic Studies
Apuzzo, Matt
Capstone Adviser
Arab, Ali
Associate Professor
Aranda-Naranjo, Barbara
GUMC Adjunct -- Associate Professor
Arceneaux, Leslie
GUMC Adjunct -- Assistant Professor, NHS Educator Track -- Assistant Professor
Archer, George
Professorial Lecturer - Department of Theology
Arend, Anthony
Professor; Director, Master of Science in Foreign Service Program
Arighi, Cecilia
GUMC Adjunct -- Assistant Professor
Armbruster, Peter
Professor; Director of Graduate Studies in Biology Co-Director, Major in Environmental Biology
Arminski, Leslie
Assistant Professor on the Research Track
Armstrong, James
Affiliate Lecturer
Arnold, Heather
Lecturer- SCS MPS Real Estate Program
Arons, Robert
Adjunct Professor - Department of Economics
Arrieta, Rolando
Lecturer- SCS MPS Journalism
Arruda, Monica
Adjunct Assistant Professor - Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS)
Arsenault, Elizabeth
Director of Teaching
Ascione, Richard
Adjunct Professor; CEO, President OnkoLogix USA LTD Director, Equity Research, Fairlook Investment Advisors LLC
Aslund, Anders
Adjunct Professor - Center for Eurasian, Russian and East European Studies (CERES)
Assefnia, Shahin
SOM Research Track -- Assistant Professor
Astarita, Tommaso
Professor; Director of Undergraduate Studies
Asturias, Jose
Assistant Professor at SFS-Qatar; Economics
Atashi, Elham
Associate Teaching Professor
Atkins, Michael
Deputy Director & Professor
Attinger, Christopher
SOM Clinician Educator Track -- Professor
Auerbach, Michael
SOM Clinician Track -- Professor
Auh, Jun Kyung
Assistant Professor
Austin, Amy
Lecturer- SCS MPS Journalism
Austin, Marc
Adjunct Professor - MSB Faculty
Avantaggiati, Maria Laura
Associate Professor
Ayala, Leilanie
GUMC Adjunct -- Appointment Pending
Ayoub, Dima
Azari, Sayeh
Adjunct Professor - MSB Faculty
Azumi, Norio
SOM Clinician Scholar Track -- Professor

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